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SCIM user management
SCIM user management
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The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) is an innovative solution that simplifies user synchronization.

1 - What is SCIM?

SCIM is a standardized protocol that facilitates identity and access management. It enables users and their attributes to be synchronized between different systems. At Klaxoon, SCIM has been integrated to provide a centralized user management solution, simplifying the creation, modification and deletion of accounts.

2 - What are the benefits?

Here are the three main benefits:

- Automatic management of user entries and exits
- End-to-end control of the identity management process
- Optimize licenses and user base

3 - How do I get started?

Technical requirements

Enterprise SSO + Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) or Okta

💡 SSO is the prerequisite for SCIM implementation and account auto-provisioning

Implementation in three stages

1 - Design: sharing of technical and functional constraints, presentation of the solution, definition of the scope of intervention
2 - Technical implementation: definition and realization, integration tests, progress monitoring
3 - Deployment & maintenance: deployment support (remote intervention in the event of problems), maintenance (guarantees functional continuity of integration), updates and follow-up (updating certificates, etc.).

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact online support.

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