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Drawing tools let you customize your Board to suit your needs. Create titles, work zones, change text colors, add icons and save time with our ready-to-use tools.

1 - Display tools

1) Choose a text, shape or drawing color

3) Write a text that's easy to format (font, size, bold, italic, alignment, lists, color, etc.)

3) Paintbrush: draw free-form shapes of any desired thickness

4) Select and draw a shape on the Board: rectangle, circle, triangle, line, arrow, double-arrow and pen tool

5) Create a link anchored to 2 ideas

Customize your links, choosing color, thickness and shape. Add text and give meaning to your ideas!

6) Eraser: erase objects with a single click

Insert elements on your Board :

7) Images: add an image directly to the Board

8) Icons: personalize your Board with our icon library

9) Shapes: add customizable shapes to your Board

10) Patterns: select the pattern or background of your choice

11) Templates: choose a template to organize your ideas on the Board

12) Zone: define a zone on your Board

13) Link : insert a link in an idea

Convert your files

14) PDF: PDF document content is converted into Board elements

16) Sketch: the image is vectorized directly onto the Board

Import elements using files

16) From csv: add a large number of ideas from a CSV file

17) Files: any type of file can be included in an idea

18) Jira: connect a Jira project

Now you're ready to launch your Board!

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