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June 2023
06/16/2023 : Integration Klaxoon <> Zapier
06/16/2023 : Integration Klaxoon <> Zapier
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Connect Klaxoon to 1000+ applications available on Zapier, the reference solution for No-code automation.

Would you like to create a Board automatically when a visio is launched? Turn an idea green in your follow-up Board when an e-mail has been sent? Or update an idea when you modify a contact in your CRM?

It's now possibe thanks to Klaxoon's integration with Zapier, the service that enables you to automate tasks by connecting the applications you use every day, without needing to know how to code! This means you can trigger actions in Board based on events from the many applications available on Zapier.

Available actions include:

- Creating a new Board or a new idea

- Updating an existing idea

- Search an existing Board, or one of its associated ideas, categories, dimensions and/or colors.

Thanks to the automation of these tasks, you save time and increase productivity. The uses are unlimited!

How does it work?

Start by logging on to your Zapier account at Then click on "Create Zap". A Zap is the name given to a worflow in Zapier.

Next you need to define your "Trigger": the application you wish to connect to Klaxoon, and the event in this application that will trigger an action in Board.

Now you're ready to set up Actions. Look for Klaxoon in the list of available applications and choose the action you want to perform.

Click on "sign in" to connect to your Klaxoon account and authorize data sharing.

All that's left is to specify the elements of the action you want to trigger.
Example: the name and description of the Board you're going to create, the access code of the Board you're looking for, or the color code, size and category of the idea you want to update.

💡 To position an idea at the center of the Board, enter 0 in "X-axis" and 0 in "Y-axis".

Publish your Zap, and off you go!

This feature has been made available in Beta version to all Klaxoon users starting June 16, 2023.

Please note: as of 23/06/23, customers can now request to disable access to third-party applications such as Zapier. You can also choose to give access to certain applications.
To do so, please contact your CSM or our support department.

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