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June 2023
06/20/2023 : Launch of the Klaxoon Developer Platform
06/20/2023 : Launch of the Klaxoon Developer Platform
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Klaxoon opens its developer portal! Integrate your applications and services, and develop workflows with Klaxoon APIs.

​Your applications and services can now communicate with Klaxoon! The Klaxoon Developer Platform contains all the information you need to register your applications and use the Klaxoon APIs. The possibilities are endless: collect your organisation's event logs, launch Klaxoon activities directly from your applications, manage your users, connect your applications to Board, etc.

With the Developer Platform, you can control data flows and integrate your tools with Klaxoon completely independently.

How can you access it?

-> Are you in charge of the product, the information systems department or some other area, and would like to find out more about the possibilities? Go to You'll find a description of the general concepts as well as the steps required to start using Klaxoon APIs.

-> Are you part of the R&D team, and want to have access to the technical documentation and test the APIs? Access the API references at

What workflows can you put in place?

1) Activity Picker

The Activity Picker is a widget that you can launch from your applications. A window opens in your solution and allows your users to connect to Klaxoon, choose an existing activity or create a new one. Users get the familiar feel of using Klaxoon, without having to leave your application.

It's a quick and easy way to get Activity links with just a few lines of code.

2) Klaxoon Embed

Host Klaxoon Activities in your application or website via an iFrame. The majority of activities are available for embedding: Board, Session, Survey, Quiz, Adventure, Mission, Article, Memo.

By using Klaxoon Embed, you can offer your users an immersive Klaxoon experience within your application.

Example of Klaxoon integrated into Totango

3) API Board V1.0

Synchronize and automate data exchange in Board! With the Board API, connect your product or service to Board and start creating new workflows.

The Board API enables you to retrieve or send data from your server or database to Board. At present, the data concerned is as follows:

  • A Board and its access code

  • A Board text idea

  • A Board text idea category, color or size.

Thanks to the Board API, it is now possible to create, list, search, update or even delete one or more of these data items.

So, for example, you can create Boards automatically, or modify the content or color of an idea from within your application.

4) API Audit Log (for Enterprise customers only)

As an administrator, you can also access the AuditLog API. Setting up this API enables you to collect your organization's Klaxoon event logs programmatically. This guarantees the traceability and security of your users' actions within Klaxoon.

Each event log contains the following information:

  • An action

  • Who performed it

  • Who was affected by the action

  • When the action took place

This allows you to detect potential security problems and investigate specific events.

Note: Klaxoon event logs can also be integrated into your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) application.

5) SCIM API (for Enterprise customers only)

The SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) protocol enables user identity data to be exchanged between IT domains or IT systems.

Klaxoon's SCIM API lets you automate the management of your users:

- Create users in Klaxoon.
- Deactivate users in Klaxoon when they no longer require access.
- Keep user attributes synchronised.
- Provide licences to users in Klaxoon according to your groups.
- Enable single sign-on in Klaxoon.

Access requirements:
To access SCIM, you must first be equipped with an SSO (Single Sign-On). The Klaxoon SCIM API currently works with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) and OKTA identity providers.

​The Klaxoon Developer Platform has been available to all Klaxoon users since 06/20/2023.

Please note: as of 23/06/23, customers can now request to disable access to third-party applications. To do so, please contact your CSM or our support department.

Do you need further assistance? Please contact our support team.

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