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06/22/2023 : Evolution of ideas on Board
06/22/2023 : Evolution of ideas on Board
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Board ideas are evolving to deliver a smoother, more visual experience!

1 - Square ideas

There are now 2 idea formats to select:

- The Fitted format, which is the only format that had existed until now. It remains the default format.

- A new Square format!

Please note: When you modify an idea (by adding categories, likes and dimensions), the idea size remains the same, in order to maintain a harmonious Board visual. The content of the idea is then reduced to the remaining space.

You can change the format of your idea when you create it, or from the context menu (three vertical elipsis dots from the right of the idea's toolbar).

2 - New Idea creation options

a) Many changes have been made to the way you create and modify your ideas:

- You no longer need to switch to create/modify mode to change the content of an idea. Double-clicking on the idea now takes you directly into text editing mode. However, an exception is made when the idea is too small to be readable. If your Board's zoom does not allow the idea to be read properly, the editing window will automatically open when the idea is modified.

- A simple double-click on the Board, or on a locked object will now add a new idea, ready for text to be added to it.

Note: This new editing mode is only available for text ideas. Editing ideas that include a link, image, drawing, file or other media opens the idea edit tab.

b) When an idea is created or modified on the Board, all characteristics are saved for the next time the idea is created, i.e.:
- its colour
- its category
- its format
- its size

c) You can now create a chain of ideas! Once you are editing text, by pressing the "tab" key on your keyboard, a new idea gets added to the right of the first, retaining its visual characteristics (as mentioned in section b). By pressing "tab" and then "shift" at the same time, you can create an idea below the first, still following the same rules, with your cursor inside the idea.

d) There are a number of changes made to Controlled Mode on the Board. There are also added visual enhancements on the Context Menu of an idea in order to quickly:
- like it
- view it
- access the Questions tool
- vote with the Dot-voting tool

You many now also choose between Moving and Selecting on the Board. It should be noted that these changes also apply to Free Mode, with no possibility of modifying other people's ideas.

3 - Creating empty ideas

To make it easier to build templates & models, empty/blank ideas can now be placed on the Board for future editing. They will also be visible from the Questions tab, the Journal or the idea preview.

However, it is not possible to add empty ideas to a Board's inbox, and so it is not possible to create ideas from the Column and List views, which automatically send ideas to the inbox.

4 - Convert a text idea into a text object

Text ideas can now be converted to a text object (or text box), and vice versa. To do this, you can click directly on the "convert to text" button in the edit menu, or via a keyboard shortcut (ctrl + k on Windows, and cmd + k on macOS). The size and proportion of the idea is retained when converted to a text object.

Please note that as the character limit for an idea is 500, a text object with more than 500 characters will be converted into several text ideas in order to preserve all existing content.

You're now ready to explore all of Board's new features !

Need more help? Check out our articles or contact our support team.

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