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06/26/2023 : Access deleted ideas
06/26/2023 : Access deleted ideas
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Klaxoon hosts can now access deleted ideas on their Boards.

We've all deleted ideas before. From now on, no more unintentional idea deletions! It is now possible for hosts to recover the content of the ideation in order to restore deleted ideas. Hosts can also delete them permanently in order to clean up the list of ideas, or to delete content without deleting the entire Board. To access this function, simply change your View by clicking on "List View" from the bottom right of the Board.

How to use

Deleted ideas are available from the list view on your Board and can be filtered by "all", "my ideas" or "deleted". They can also be sorted by date of deletion, category, size, color or number of likes.

You can select all the ideas at once to restore them, or delete them permanently.

To delete an idea permanently, click on the three vertical elipsis dots, then on delete, and confirm the action.

Note: Only ideas can be recovered at this time. Any icons, images or text deleted will remain permanently deleted from the Board.

Access to deleted ideas are reserved for creators and co-hosts, who will receive a notification when an idea is deleted. Ideas are accessible to recover for 3 months after deletion.

This feature is available to all Pro users starting 06/26/2023.

Want to learn more about new features? Visit the 'What's New?' section in our Help Center!

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