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How do I create a participant account?
How do I create a participant account?
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To join an activity, there are two ways of logging in:

  • by pseudonym

  • by email address

Participants are not required to have a Klaxoon account.

When the moderator configures the participant connection via email, the system asks participants to enter an email address.

Creating an account is a prerequisite for accessing an activity. The system asks only for the participant's email address, first name and surname. An email is then automatically generated inviting the participant to finalize account creation.

1 - Existing account

If the participant's e-mail address is recognized as being associated with an existing account, the participant must enter the associated password.

A participant account makes it possible to link different participations in different activities under the same account.

The participant can access an activity again because the system is able to link my past participation to my account.

2 - Account does not exist

If the email address is not recognized in our system, the participant must then create an account and confirm it to participate. They must enter their email address, first name, last name and then enter a password.

They then receive a 6-digit code on the e-mail account they have entered, enabling them to confirm their account.

It is possible to set up access by pseudonym, in which case you'll need to duplicate the activity and activate the pseudonym connection when you launch it:

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