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How to import a pdf (pdf conversion)?
How to import a pdf (pdf conversion)?
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Go to

1 - Click on "Add an item

In the bottom-left toolbar, look for the "add" button.

2 - Select "pdf"

Among the available options, you'll see "pdf". Click on this option to open the file selection window.

3 - Choose your PDF file

Navigate to the location of your PDF file on your computer and select it.

4 - Wait for conversion

Once you've selected your PDF file, Klaxoon will convert it into a format compatible with the Board. The conversion time will depend on the size of the file.

5 - Your PDF is ready to use

Once the conversion is complete, your PDF file will automatically appear on your Board. You can now use it, move it, resize it, or add annotations like any other element.

Please note: The quality of the content exported to Board depends on the quality of the elements in the PDF file and its initial content.
To guarantee Board's performance and quality, there is a maximum of 10 pages you can insert from a PDF, 75MB in size

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