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10/05/2023: Improved efficiency on Board Zones
10/05/2023: Improved efficiency on Board Zones
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Thanks to your feedback, the Zones feature has been enhanced to make it even more intuitive to use.

1) Define the starting point for participants logging on to your Board for the first time

As a host, the starting point directs participants to a specific area on the Board when they first log on. This means you can get your participants on board easily as soon as they arrive, and create a real journey through your Board! This also applies to participants who have already logged in, if the starting point is changed after their first participation.

The first zone created on the Board will automatically become the starting point. You can easily change it by clicking on the dotted line, then on the flag icon.

It is also indicated by a flag icon in the table of contents.

Note that only one zone per Board can be defined as the starting point. You can re-arrange your starting point if needed to ensure it is the first zone.

2) Hide zone outlines

A new display option has been added, allowing you to hide or show the outline of Board zones.
This means you now have the choice to minimize zones or not, whether you're a Board host or participant.

When you create a new zone and this option is deactivated, it will be automatically reactivated so you can view your new zone.

3) Draw a zone

The "insert" button now lets you create a zone by drawing it with your mouse. Select the items of your choice more easily!

Once the zone has been created, it is added to the table of contents and remains visible on the Board, allowing you to adjust it (size, title, ratio, etc.).

A "Z" shortcut has also been added to enable you to enter zone creation mode directly.

4) Keep the summary open or closed

From now on, the first time you use a Board containing zones, the table of contents will automatically open.

We then memorize whether or not the summary has been closed for this Board, so as to offer it in the same state the next time it is opened.

The summary is now more visible and directly accessible to participants!

These improvements to the Zones functionality are available for all Klaxoon users from 10/05/2023.

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