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How does a Board Zoom work?
How does a Board Zoom work?
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Zooming is an essential feature for exploring and interacting with the elements of your Klaxoon Board more precisely.

1 - Accessing the zoom

From your Board, access the options at bottom right (indicated by a red frame below).

2 - Zoom out and in

With a single click, you can zoom out with the "-" and zoom in with the "+".

For touch devices:

Zoom in ➡ Spread two fingers across your screen or use your mouse wheel upwards

Zoom out ➡ Bring two fingers together on your screen or use your mouse wheel downwards

💡 For more precise zooming, hold down the "ctrl" key on your keyboard + your mouse wheel

3 - Advanced options

Click on the "v" symbol to access the advanced options:

  • "Zoom to selection" displays the selected element

  • "Zoom to fit board" displays the entire page

  • "Zoom to..." adjusts the view according to Board content

In addition, three levels of Zoom are easily accessible: 50%, 100% and 200%.

4 - Zoom in presenter mode

In presenter mode, when you're sharing your Board with other participants, you can also use zoom to dynamically highlight specific elements.

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