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  • Network

    Bundle the activities and articles you wish to share with members.

    • It is possible to choose the order in which Activities appear in a Network. You can order activities by trending, created date, recently viewed or title.

  • Participant

    • Once your activity has been launched, you can send an email inviting people to take part, which enables them to access the activity quickly.

      You can send this invitation in Studio by:

      • entering participants' email addresses, or
      • copying the link that is generated
  • My account

    • You can cancel your subscription purchased on the eShop at any time by going to your profile picture on the top right > "Manage my team" > name your team if it is not already done > "My subscription" > "Cancel" on the right in grey.

      You will not receive any more invoices for the following deadlines, and your account will be closed at the end of the current period (month or year depending on the type of subscription).

      We invite you to retrieve the data you would like to keep before terminating.
      Export the skeleton of your Activities, then you can import them to another account later if needed.
      You can also download the results of your Activities to keep them.

    • Within a Session, you must close an activity before launching another one.

      In other instances, there is no limit.

    • Click at the top right corner of the interface, on your profile picture

      Click on Profile

      Change the language of the interface

      1. Go to app.klaxoon.com
      2. Click on Log in
      3. Click on Forgot password
    • In the menu at the top right of the interface, click on "Profile", then on Reset my password.

      You will automatically receive a link to reset your password in the mailbox linked to your Klaxoon account. It will allow you to set a new one.

      The security level of your password is illustrated by 4 colored bars: black, red, orange, green. Your password must be orange or green to be accepted.



    • No. Your Cloud account is personal and non-transferable.

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  • Studio

    Efficient teamwork, everywhere. With Help Klaxoon allows millions of people around the world to thrive further in their job thanks to better efficiency, creativity and inclusivity. Klaxoon is the best collaborative solution for daily efficient teamwork.

    • An action-packed gamified sequence composed of several activities.

    • A set of pages and questions (quiz and survey questions) to be explored independently.

    • A page for sharing content with your team within a Network.

    • 6 types of questions for gauging opinions.

    • A virtual whiteboard for posting and organizing ideas.

    • 9 types of questions for testing knowledge.

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  • Facilitation

    Efficient teamwork, everywhere. With Help Klaxoon allows millions of people around the world to thrive further in their job thanks to better efficiency, creativity and inclusivity. Klaxoon is the best collaborative solution for daily efficient teamwork.

    • Find all the editing features you need in a single toolbar.


      Choose which elements you want to select with the Interaction options button. Then select these elements with the selection arrow.

      To move around the Board click on the hand icon.

      If you want to import elements, click on add.


    • Klaxs relate to all forms of participant interaction including messages, ideas, comments, participation in an activity, etc.

      To see how many interactions you have generated, remember to click on the top right hand, on your profile picture then on Stats!

    • The Search feature allows you to search for ideas on your Board with different filters:


      By keywords

      By colors

      By categories

      By number of likes

      When you click on Search, your Board grays out to highlight the idea you are looking for.

      You can return to your Board (not grayed out) by clicking the Search button again.

    • The limit of participants per Activity created will depend on the type of account you have:

      - Free: 15

      - Pro: 100

      - Corporate: 300

      You can find more information on our website: https://klaxoon.com/pricing

    • When you take a capture via the Snapshot button on your Board, it appears as a slideshow in the Export > Gallery menus.


      The slideshow of the captures taken is displayed:


      You can use the left and right arrows to switch between the snapshots, and the button-burger.pngto download the snapshot as a PNG or PDF, or discard the one displayed.

      Click on the capture to view it in full size:



      You can retrieve all captures at once by downloading the data from the Board: Download Activity Data
    • These buttons are filters used to display only certain items on the Board: Messages, Activities, Live Votes, Live Challenges, Live Storms, shared Presentations, or flagged items.

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  • Participant connection

      1. Ensure you have an Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, wired).
      2. In the web browser on your device, enter the address: app.klaxoon.com

      The app.klaxoon.com address is occasionally blocked by some Wi-Fi networks. Ask your neighbor if s/he is experiencing the same problems or perform a test by switching to 3G/4G.

      1. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi generated by the Box: KlaxoonBox followed by a 4-digit number and a letter (e.g.: KlaxoonBox1014t)
      2. In the web browser on your device, enter the address: box.klaxoon.com
  • Support

    • To access Klaxoon, you need a recently updated browser. Here are the supported versions:

      • Google Chrome
      Version 80 or higher
      • Mozilla Firefox
      Version 78 or higher
      • Microsoft Edge
      Version 80 or higher
      • Apple Safari
      Version 13.1 or higher
      • Internet Explorer
      Note that Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported by Microsoft and is obsolete. For more information, click here.

      Browser configuration required: 

      You must enable Javascript and accept Cookies. 

  • Integrations

    • Force the connection on a Jira instance

      From the Organisation tab, the administrator can choose to force the connection on a Jira instance.

      From the Integration management section choose the option Forced connection on a given instance.


      The editing dashboard is displayed to enter the Jira instance URL of your choice.

      • If Klaxoon does not recognize the Jira URL or the version of Jira is unknown, you will be asked to select between two authentication protocols.


      Click on Next

      • If Klaxoon detects the server version based on Jira URL, continue the configuration.

      For OAuth1 on Jira Cloud and Server DataCenter (version higher than v8.22)

      The configuration page of the integration between Klaxoon and Jira is displayed.


      Click on Connect if you are the Jira administrator, or ask your Jira Admin to send you these information.

      The Jira administrator can find these information in the Jira settings:


      In the tabProducts, click on Application links then, on Create a link

      The link creation page is displayed, enter the URL https://app.klaxoon.com in URL Application :


      Click on Continue

      A pop-up is displayed, enter the name if the application with "Klaxoon Board":


      Click on Continue.

      The application link is created


      Click at the end line of the "Klaxoon Board" application on the three horizontal dots


      Click on Edit

      Click on "Incoming authentifaction" section


      Enter the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Name" from the data provided by Klaxoon

      Enter the "Public Key" from the data provided by Klaxoon


      Scroll down and click on Save

      Once the application link is created, go back to the console mode in Klaxoon and click on Connect


      When the configuration is complete, a green tick appears on the gear wheel


      For OAuth2 on Server DataCenter (version higher than v8.22)

      The configuration page of the integration between Klaxoon and Jira is displayed.


      Step 1:Once the link between applications is created, setup the application link between Jira and Klaxoon.

      The Jira administrator can find these information from their Jira settings.

      Step 2: There are two options:

      • The automatic mode
      • The manual mode: in this case, simply copy the link provided and forward it to the to the Jira administrator to create the associated webhook
      The creation of the webhook remains dependent on the Jira administrator role (or not) of the person performing the Jira import. The user on the Board remains free to choose the Jira instance on which they want to import and is autonomous.

      The Jira administrator finds the information required at step 1 in his Jira settings:


      Create a link


      Select the type of application you want to connect to:

      • Atlassian product: link to Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Crowd, Fisheye et Crucible
      • External application: link to an external application using OAuth 2.0

      Select the direction :

      • Incoming : the application can access data from Jira
      • Outgoing : Jira can access data from the application

      Click on Continue


      From the Application link tab, enter the application name "Klaxoon Board" and the redirection URL

      Click on Save


      Complete the configuration by copying / pasting the OAuth 2.0 credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) on the Klaxoon configuration page.

      When the configuration is complete, a green tick appears on the gear wheel


    • Allow connection to Jira by personal token

      From the Organization tab, the administrator can choose to authorize the connection of the users of his console with a personal token.

      In Integration management section select the option Free login with personal token.


      From their Board, the Pro user can import a project from Jira.

      Click on Insert on the toolbar at the bottom left of the Board.

      Click on Jira


      The connection page with Jira is displayed:


      To gather the Jira connection data, connect to your Jira account and create an API token from your settings.


      Click on Create API token

      The creation page is displayed, create a nom for this token an click on Create


      Once the token is created click on Copy

      Go back to Klaxoon and past the API token


      Once the form is completed, click on Save


      Synchronization of tickets and ideas between Jira and Klaxoon

      In order for tickets to be synchronized in both directions, i.e. from Klaxoon to Jira and from Jira to Klaxoon, you must have the Full Admin status.

      With a simple Admin status, the synchronization of tickets is only done in one direction: an idea submitted on the Klaxoon Board will appear in Jira, but a ticket created in Jira will not appear on the Klaxoon board.

      For more information on two-way synchronization contact our support team via: Help__2_.png.