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  • Participant

    • Once your activity has been launched, you can send an email inviting people to take part, which enables them to access the activity quickly.

      You can send this invitation in Studio by:

      • entering participants' email addresses, or
      • copying the link that is generated
  • My account

    • Within a Meeting, you must close an activity before launching another one.

      In other instances, there is no limit.

    • In the menu in the top right corner of the interface, click on your profile picture to change the language.

      1. Go to app.klaxoon.com
      2. Click on Log in
      3. Click on Forgot password
    • In the menu in the top right corner of the interface, click on profile to change your password.

    • No. Your Cloud account is personal and non-transferable.

    • Yes. You can open up to 20 Meetings at the same time. If you exceed this limit, close one Meeting in order to open a new one.

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  • Studio

    • A set of activities aimed at animating your face-to-face or remote meetings.

    • An action-packed gamified sequence composed of several activities.

    • A set of pages and questions (quiz and survey questions) to be explored independently.

    • A page for sharing content with your team within a Network.

    • 6 types of questions for gauging opinions.

    • A virtual whiteboard for posting and organizing ideas.

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  • Facilitation

    • These buttons are filters used to display only certain items on the Board: Messages, Activities, Live Votes, Live Challenges, Live Storms, shared Presentations, or flagged items.

    • Yes. Click on the green semi-circle to the right of your screen to send your own messages.

    • To enlarge it, click on a message on the Board. You can then delete it or flag it so you can find it again more easily.

    • Yes. In the Meeting dashboard, click on the green semi-circle to open the messaging pane where you can disable messaging using the on/off button.

    • You can use the small screen in the top right corner of your dashboard to launch your presentation.

    • In Studio, it is possible to link an activity to a slide. This activity is displayed as a strip on the slide. Click on this strip to launch your activity.

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  • Participant connection

      1. Ensure you have an Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, wired).
      2. In the web browser on your device, enter the address: app.klaxoon.com

      The app.klaxoon.com address is occasionally blocked by some Wi-Fi networks. Ask your neighbor if s/he is experiencing the same problems or perform a test by switching to 3G/4G.

      1. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi generated by the Box: KlaxoonBox followed by a 4-digit number and a letter (e.g.: KlaxoonBox1014t)
      2. In the web browser on your device, enter the address: box.klaxoon.com