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      In Session, participants see your presentations directly for a better understanding of the Klaxoon Activity.


      The presenter no longer needs to press the Session sync button for the presentation to appear on the participants' screens. Now when the presentation is launched, it is automatically activated on the participants' screens.

      A little extra:

      When a participant switches the current presentation to full screen (using the "enlarge presentation" button), the next presentation launched within that same Session will also be launched in full screen.

      Better handling of the animation!

      By removing a step, the Session becomes even easier to facilitate, for more efficient and dynamic meetings.

      This feature has been available since November 23, 2022 for all users of Klaxoon's Workshop Platform.

      For more information on the Session, read a complete article on the subject: Session dashboard

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      The Board's "Search" feature is evolving to allow for easier and more thorough reading of its results.


      Several search features are changing.

      Dimensions are now included in the results of the "search" feature on the Board.

      Also, your search results are better auto-centered and zoomed. Searched ideas are also more highlighted: they appear at 100% opacity, while other ideas are at 50% opacity (in the background).


      When you search in the Inbox, only the ideas matching your search will be displayed.


      An answer at a glance!

      Find your answers easily and quickly to ensure efficient searches!

      This feature is available since November 21, 2022 for all users of Klaxoon's Workshop Platform.

      For more information on research and Inbox in Board

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      Board animation features become instantly accessible.


      When a Board creator makes a participant a co-host on the Board, the latter now has immediate access to the animation features. No need to refresh the Board, a dedicated message appears on the screen of the co-host to inform him/her.


      There are no interruptions to voice, video or synchro exchanges on the Board.

      Uninterrupted animation!

      Get a colleague to help you with your animations without interrupting the meeting, all in a matter of seconds, for time saving and easy handling of the Board.

      This feature has been available since November 9th 2022 for all Workshop Platform users with a Klaxoon pro account.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact support via Help.png

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      As a facilitator, you can now export the feedback received from your Activities with Survey questions to a Board for easier processing.

      You can now transfer responses collected via Survey questions to a new Board to visually analyze the results.

      This works with all Survey sharing:

      • via the Survey itself
      • in a Memo containing Survey questions
      • or a Mission or Session containing Activities with Survey questions.


      How does it work?

      First, go to the animation interface of your Activity.


      Then click on "Export Feedback" from the results page, or from the top left three-dot menu in the case of Memo and Survey only.


      This will create a dedicated Board (a new Board is created for each feedback export). On this board, the ideas detail the different questions as well as the group scores, individual results and associated comments.


      Easier feedback processing!

      With this feature, you can process feedback from Survey questions more easily and quickly, saving you time and making your analysis very visual.

      This feature has been available since November 3, 2022 for all users of Klaxoon's Workshop Platform.

      For more information on the Board and Survey question types features