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      The license requests to the administrators are now grouped in a single email, and the message communicated to the user is more clear.

      The license requests, sent to the administrator, are now grouped in a single daily email. This email is sent at a fixed time: 10am, server time. If no request has been sent for 24 hours, no email will be sent.

      The email addresses of users are now also visible to avoid confusion related to homonyms, and to allow the automation of the processing of requests via Microsoft Power Apps for those who use it.


      Finally, the feedback from the user following a license request has increased visibility and clarity!


      Fewer emails for administrators and more comprehensive feedback for users

      Before, Klaxoon console administrators sometimes received a large number of emails in the same day. This new feature limits the number of emails sent for license requests and makes it more efficient for administrators to assign licenses.

      And for the user, knowing that his license request has been taken into account is reassuring.

      This feature has been available since September 1, 2022, and is available to all Klaxoon license administrators.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact support via chat Help.png

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      You can now define up to 50 different idea colors.


      We're excited to announce that the number of idea colors available on a Board has increased from 8 to 50 colors!


      And that's not all, the color chart of an idea is also evolving. It goes from a choice of 5 shades of the same color, to a slider offering 100 shades of the same color. The shade range has also been increased, allowing darker as well as lighter idea colors, up to white.


      Give free rein to your creativity, for even more visual exchanges

      Dark, light, or even totally white ideas... you can now make more colorful Boards! We look forward to seeing your creations.


      Use a variety of colors to make your collaborations even more visual and organized! During your teamwork sessions, consider establishing a common color code and displaying the legend. This way, you gain efficiency and understanding of your ideas by the whole group.

      The evolution of this Board feature has been effective since August 11, 2022, and is available to all users of Klaxoon's Workshop Platform.

      If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the support via chat. Help.png

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      You now have access to more participation statistics for your Memo.

      Once the Memo is launched, as the creator you can see the number of participants, the average reading time, the score and the average progress.



      Further analysis:

      This information allows you to further analyze engagement in your Memo to make sure the information was shared and understood.

      This feature is effective since August 3rd, 2022, and is available for all users of Klaxoon's Workshop Platform.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact the support via the chat Help.png