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      The Board's column view is now more efficient and faster!


      By default, the column view (accessible in the bottom right menu of your Board) is "grouped by color" for a clear division of your ideas. You can of course choose to group them by "category" instead.


      Need feedback on an idea?

      No need to leave the column view to do so! By double-clicking on the idea, you can associate a Question with it, like the idea or even edit it.


      Constant sharing:

      Column view allows you to easily group ideas by categories and colors and provides another way to view the inputs of your board.

      This view allows for quick decision making, updating of ideas, and continuous sharing of opinions.

      This feature has been available since September 29, 2022 for all users of the Klaxoon Workshop Platform.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact the support via the chat Help.png