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    • Any personal notes that you have made (in relation to a Page or Meeting) can be viewed and edited in your Notes screen where they are listed by Activity.

      To access the Notes screen, click on button-mainmenu.png > Notes

      The Notes screen is displayed:


      Notes folder

      All notes for a given Activity are collated in a folder.

      Click on the folder to access your notes.

      Text of the last note made during the Activity.

      Activity pictogram and name


      Search for a note by Activity type or word.

    • You can use the statistics screen to measure participation in any Klaxoon Activities you have launched.

      Meeting statistics

      For further information on specific statistics for Meetings, please refer to the article on Viewing statistics (Meeting).

      To access the statistics screen, click on button-mainmenu.png >. Stats

      The statistics screen is displayed:


      klaxs earned

      Total number of times participants have interacted (by sending messages, participating in Activities, adding hearts, etc.) in all Activities that you have shared.

      Line for an Activity

      The following is shown for each Activity you have launched:

      • Number of hearts added by participants
      • Number of comments made
      • Engagement rating: ratio of suggested interactions compared to those actually carried out by participants.
      • Score (for Quizzes, Adventures and Missions only)
      • Number of klaxs

      Click on the line for an Activity to view the details and analytical graphs:


    • You can change your photo, first name, last name, password, and the Klaxoon interface language on your profile page.

      Click on button-mainmenu.png > Profile to access your profile page

      Your profile page is displayed:


      Profile photo

      Click on your photo to change or delete it. You can import an image as a JPG, PNG or non-animated GIF.

      Email address

      This is the email address linked to your Klaxoon account. If you wish to change it, please contact the support team.

      First name/Last name

      You can change the first name and last name displayed when you launch or participate in an activity.


      You can enter a new password. A bar will turn green once you have entered a sufficiently secure new password (based on how many characters you have used and whether you have included numbers and special characters).


      Select the language for your Klaxoon interface. Invitations to any activities you have launched will be sent to participants in the language used in your interface.

      save button

      Click here to apply your changes.

    • According to your Klaxoon subscription, you're able to store 5, 10 or 100 GB of data (photos and videos) for livening up your Activities. On the storage screen, you can import or delete files.

      In Studio, click on the Storage tab.

      The storage screen is displayed:



      Enter a word to find files by their name.

      File type

      Select an activity type to filter the list.

      Hide used files

      Check this box if you only want to list files that are not used in any activities (e.g. if you wish to delete these and quickly free up storage space).

      Dropbox Dropbox_Icon_100_allege.png.png

      Click here to add files from your Dropbox account.

      add files button

      Click here to add files from your device.

      delete button

      Click here to delete selected files.

      Display mode

      Click here to display files as a list or thumbnails.

      Check box

      Check the images you wish to delete and then click on delete

      Button button-burger.png

      Click here to display image options:

      • Preview: view the file
      • Rename: change the file name
      • Download: download the file to your device
      • Usage: display a list of activities that use the file
      • Delete: delete the file from your storage

      Navigation pages


    • As a participant, you can make personal notes in some activities.

      There are two types of notes:

      • Note linked to a Page:
        • Adventure: step introduction
        • Mission: content page
        • Capsule: content page
        • Meeting: presentation page (synchronised or shared on the Board)
      • Note linked to a Meeting:
        You can make notes at any time during a Meeting (except when an activity is launched).


      To make notes related to a Page

      Click on plume.png in the bottom right corner of the relevant page.

      The notes pop-up is displayed:


      Button croix.png

      Cancels a new note (your changes will be lost)

      Page content

      Click here to preview the page on which you are making notes. This will appear in your personal notes screen.

      Button points.png

      Displays the options menu:

      - Details: displays the activity's author, name and launch date and the date on which the note was created

      - Delete the current note


      Enter your text in this space


      Click on save to add the notes to your Notes screen


      To make notes related to a Meeting

      On the Meeting Board, click on _.jpg > plume.png

      The notes screen is displayed:


      Text of max. 140 characters.

      Drawing + 80-character key

      Image in JPG, PNG or non-animated GIF format + 80-character key