• You can cancel your subscription purchased on the eShop at any time by going to your profile picture on the top right > "Manage my team" > name your team if it is not already done > "My subscription" > "Cancel" on the right in grey.

      You will not receive any more invoices for the following deadlines, and your account will be closed at the end of the current period (month or year depending on the type of subscription).

      We invite you to retrieve the data you would like to keep before terminating.
      Export the skeleton of your Activities, then you can import them to another account later if needed.
      You can also download the results of your Activities to keep them.

    • Within a Session, you must close an activity before launching another one.

      In other instances, there is no limit.

    • Click at the top right corner of the interface, on your profile picture

      Click on Profile

      Change the language of the interface

      1. Go to app.klaxoon.com
      2. Click on Log in
      3. Click on Forgot password
    • In the menu at the top right of the interface, click on "Profile", then on Reset my password.

      You will automatically receive a link to reset your password in the mailbox linked to your Klaxoon account. It will allow you to set a new one.

      The security level of your password is illustrated by 4 colored bars: black, red, orange, green. Your password must be orange or green to be accepted.



    • No. Your Cloud account is personal and non-transferable.

    • Yes. You can open up to 20 Sessions at the same time. If you exceed this limit, close one Session in order to open a new one.

    • The platform is available in French, English and German.