The Klaxoon Box gives you access to all Klaxoon features in places with no connectivity, enabling you to interact in any situation.


The Klaxoon Box gives you access to all Klaxoon features in places with no connectivity, enabling you to interact in any situation.

    • Klaxoon Box is a stand-alone unit equipped with the entire Klaxoon solution enabling you to create your activities and facilitate them:

      • Internet not required
      • Fully stand-alone
      • Offers optimal response times
      • Up to 100 participants (depending on the model of your Box)

      Moreover, the Box generates its own Wi-Fi network, making it ideal for places with little or no 3G/4G/Wi-Fi signal.

      Several sizes are available

      Several Klaxoon Boxes are available catering for various requirements in terms of participant numbers:

      • Klaxoon Box 20 with the green underside is capable of connecting with up to 20 participants (32 GB of storage)
      • Klaxoon Box 50 with the pink underside is capable of connecting with up to 50 participants (64 GB of storage)
      • Klaxoon Box 100 with the blue underside is equipped with an antenna and is capable of connecting with up to 100 participants (64 GB of storage)

      Klaxoon offers solutions catering for over 100 participants in auditoriums and large rooms with limited 3G/4G connectivity.

      For further information, email the support team at

      Klaxoon Box 50 (also applies to the Box 20)

      Power button

      Press briefly to switch the Box on. > The light comes on.
      To switch it off, press the button briefly and wait for the light to go out.

      Power socket

      For connecting the power cord

      Maintenance ports

      The available ports are intended for maintenance tasks.


      For more information

      Please read the documentation supplied with your Klaxoon Box for installation and start-up instructions.

    • Once the Klaxoon Box has been started up, the facilitator and participants can connect to it using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

      Connect your device to the Wi-Fi generated by the Klaxoon Box: KlaxoonBox followed by a 4-digit number and a letter (e.g.: KlaxoonBox1014t)

      Internet connectivity

      While connected to the Klaxoon Box's Wi-Fi, your Internet connection is disconnected.

      In the web browser on your device, enter the address:
      The login page is displayed:


      Public Sessions

      Sessions opened by the facilitator in Public mode are shown here – just click on join to take part in them.

      Access code

      Enter an access code provided by the facilitator to take part in a Session opened in Protected mode.

      Log in

      If you are the facilitator, click on log in. You must enter the password for the Klaxoon Box to access the facilitator home page and Studio.

    • Sessions are the only Klaxoon activities that can be launched on the Box. Boards, Memos, Surveys and Quizzes must be included in a Session in order to play them. Missions are not available for the Klaxoon Box.

      A maximum of 5 Sessions

      You can keep 5 Sessions open at a time on the Klaxoon Box but once you reach this limit, you must close one to launch a new one.

      Once you have created or imported your Session to the Box, click on Launch to share it.

      The broadcast mode selection popup is displayed:


      • Participants join with an email address: once you have closed the Session, you can upload it to the Cloud. Participants then receive an email prompting them to access the report from their Klaxoon Home.
      • Participants join using a nickname: if they log out, they will lose any data they have created during the activity. However, once the Session has ended, they can enter an email address and get the benefits of joining with an email address.

      Select how you wish to join and then click on Launch

      The dashboard is displayed:


      Click on the activity access code in the bottom left corner of the dashboard.

      The joining instructions popup is displayed:


      • Protected: Once they have connected with the Box, participants must enter the Session access code to join it.
      • Public: Users simply connect to the Box in order to join the Session ('public' Sessions are displayed on

      Select the broadcast mode.

    • After a Session, the facilitator closes the activity in order to generate a report showing the results of interactions and activities.

      After closing a Session on Klaxoon Box, you can retrieve Session data in a .kld file, which can be uploaded to the Cloud with a view to generating a report and posting it online for participants, who will be automatically noticed by e-mail.

      In the top left corner of the dashboard, click on and close Session and publish report

      Open activities are closed and the Session closing screen is displayed:


      Participants can rate the Session (with up to 5 stars and a comment), enter their email address (for Sessions launched in nickname mode) and view the Session Board with all the messages that have been sent as well as activities and presentations used during the Session.

      On the Session closing screen, click on generate report
      Data from the Session are downloaded to your computer in a .kld file.

      Log in to and in Studio > Import & Export tab, import the .kld file for the Session.

      An invitation email is automatically sent to participants who have entered their email address, informing them that the report is available online.

      In the Manage activities tab, find the line for your Session and click on report

      The Session dashboard is displayed.

      To the left of the dashboard, click on button-meeting-report.png

      The closing screen is displayed showing participants' average rating of the Session as well as their comments:


      Click on open report
      The report popup is displayed:


      Participants' report tab
      Click on a participant's name to display his/her information and write a comment, which is sent solely to him/her as a message on the Session Board.

      Group report tab
      Write your Session report, which is sent to all participants on the Session Board.

      Export tab
      In this tab, you can download any information on your session that you wish to keep.
      Select the data you wish to export and then click on download to generate a .zip file containing:
      • A full report in .pdf format.
      • All Session data in .png (image) and .csv (Excel spreadsheet) format.