Efficient teamwork, everywhere. With Help Klaxoon allows millions of people around the world to thrive further in their job thanks to better efficiency, creativity and inclusivity. Klaxoon is the best collaborative solution for daily efficient teamwork.


Efficient teamwork, everywhere. With Help Klaxoon allows millions of people around the world to thrive further in their job thanks to better efficiency, creativity and inclusivity. Klaxoon is the best collaborative solution for daily efficient teamwork.

    • An action-packed gamified sequence composed of several activities.

    • A set of pages and questions (quiz and survey questions) to be explored independently.

    • A page for sharing content with your team within a Network.

    • 6 types of questions for gauging opinions.

    • A virtual whiteboard for posting and organizing ideas.

    • 9 types of questions for testing knowledge.

    • A gamified sequence alternating between content pages and quiz questions.

    • Live Questions allow you to add dynamism to your sessions. They can be created in advance or live, and can remain open for the entire duration of a Session.

    • A Live Vote is a type of survey question.

      There are three types:

      • Single choice questions (SCQ) from a maximum of 4 possible answers.
      • Rating: score out of 5 stars
      • YES / NO: SCQ from 2 possible answers (yes or no).

      The survey result is displayed and updated live on the facilitator's screen.

    • This is a 'find-the-word'-type question, which participants answer by entering a word or number.

      The first participant to enter the answer wins the challenge. The activity then stops and the result is posted on the Board with the winner's name.

    • No need to worry. If no save button is visible on any of the pages, information is saved automatically.

    • It's very easy – just duplicate your Activity.

      In your Studio, on the Manage activities screen, click on the 3 vertical dots on the line of the activity you wish to reuse and select Duplicate. This gives you an identical new version of the activity that you can edit and add to as required.

    • The Board, Quiz, Survey, Adventure, and Memo activities can be incorporated into a Session. You can also add Live Questions.

    • You can create as many activities as you wish in a Meeting.

    • Yes. If you wish, you can by all means include the same activity several times.

      Tip – you can duplicate your activities to save time and edit them as required.

    • An Activity must be prepared prior to a Session (except Boards, which can be created during a Session).

      Live Questions, whose purpose is to add dynamism to meetings, can be created while the Session is being facilitated to meet your own requirements and those of your audience.

    • Yes. It is possible to add several presentations to a Session on the editing screen in Studio.

      During facilitation, click on the Presentation button and select the one you require from the list.

    • Using resources links, URL links to websites may be added to slides.

    • No. A page can contain as much text as you require.

      However, we recommend breaking longer texts up to make them easier to read.

    • You can import 4 format types into presentations:

      • PDF and PPT for existing presentations,
      • JPEG and PNG for images
      • MP4 for videos (for face-to-face broadcasting, e.g. with the Klaxoon Box – in other instances, provide a link to a video streaming site: YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion)
    • Yes. You can change the page order of a presentation by selecting a page and dragging it to the required location.

    • You can import any image in JPEG or PNG format to use as a background.

    • Categories make it easier to organize ideas. The facilitator can create and name up to 50 categories. This allows participants to assign categories to their ideas. The facilitator can then use categories to sort ideas and group them together on the board.

    • In addition to categories, dimensions are used as a means of further defining ideas. Dimensions are displayed as free fields below each idea. Participants can use them to enter any additional details as required (e.g.: their first name, a date, a keyword, etc.). The facilitator can then use these criteria to sort ideas more precisely.

    • Modes relate to the method by which participants progress through quizzes.

      Free Mode (classic): after answering a question, participants move on to the next one, even if they have answered incorrectly. They can display the correct answer.

      Question by question (evaluation) mode: participants must answer the question correctly to advance to the next one. If they do not achieve the specified percentage, they must replay the question.

      Question by question (controlled by the facilitator) mode: in sessions only, after answering a question, participants must wait for the facilitator to launch the next one in order to access it. This means that the group progresses at the same pace.

    • Regardless of whether a Quiz is launched in a meeting or as a stand-alone activity, you can view the group averages in the dashboard.

      In a stand-alone Quiz, you can download data for the activity (even without closing it) in order to view participants' individual answers in the XLS or CSV file.

      To view individual answers to a Quiz launched as part of a Session, close the Session and download the report (XLS or CSV file).


    • Yes. All questions that have been created are saved. When adding a question to a quiz, you can create a new question or import one you created earlier.

    • You have a choice of 4 themes: Safari, Regatta, Space Voyage, and Grand Prix.

      Please feel free to contact us with any specific requests.

    • It depends on the mode in which it has been created.

      • Adventures within Sessions cannot be restarted.
      • Participants can restart Adventures launched outside Sessions.
    • No. These are two different functions.

      • A Mission is a sequence of 1 to 10 steps enabling participants to explore content independently in a fun environment. Each step consists of an activity – Quiz, Survey, or Memo.
      • A Session is a collection of activities designed to encourage interactivity in face-to-face or remote meetings.