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    • Yes. Participants can replay Missions if they have not been closed by the facilitator.

    • Yes. Provided that the correct answer has not been given by another participant.

    • Any participant can add a heart to his/her own ideas and those of other participants.

    • No. Participants can only add one heart per idea (regardless of whether it is their idea).

    • The import feature allows you to transfer any exported Klaxoon Sessions or activities that you have retrieved to your Klaxoon account in KLX format.

    • You can import KLX files (Klaxoon activities) or KLD files (closed activities on a Klaxoon Box).

    • If required, the facilitator can delete any words sent using the list display.

    • Not to worry! In order to view all the answers in the word cloud, remember to click on All in the top left corner.


    • Capital letters will not affect your answer. However, if you do not use the correct accented characters this will affect it.

    • Capsules are composed of a series of pages (up to 300), which may contain:

      • text,
      • images (JPEG, PNG, PDF, PPT, XLS),
      • videos (video URL from a streaming site YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or MP4 file for face-to-face broadcasting on e.g. Klaxoon Box)
      • and of course two types of question: quiz and survey.
    • A leaderboard is generated for Adventures based on points scored by participants. In the event of a tie, the participant who completes the Adventure fastest ranks highest.

    • Yes. It is possible to use any question from a Quiz or Memo in a new activity.

    • Three types of actions can be added to a page – launch an activity, launch a live question, and open a link.

    • Yes. After saving your page, go back to your presentation and click on Preview. This allows you to view your work page-by-page.

    • It's very easy. In step 4 of 'create a session' (Presentation box), add a page and select Add a video.

    • You can keep a Session open as long as required.

      Please note – you can keep 20 Sessions open at a time but once you reach this limit, you must close one to launch a new one.

    • In order to try out an activity, we recommend that you duplicate the one you have created and launch the copy. Then make any required changes to the original activity.

    • Yes. You can access Studio on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

    • The activity status provides you with this information.

      In Studio, three status labels are assigned to your activities:

      • go (green): your activity has been launched
      • launch (blue): your activity is being created and you can launch it whenever you wish
      • report (gray): you have closed your activity and downloaded the report
    • Yes. All activities that you have created can be duplicated (and edited) as required.