Questions raised during your Meetings

    • With Questions, ask engaging questions to your team. Gauge satisfaction, collect ideas or feedback, ask a challenge question, assess the progression of a project, and thousands of other uses!

      Open questions, challenges, evaluations; multiple formats to gather collective intelligence in a simple and visual way. Easily create your question from the Klaxoon interface and send it in one click to your team. They receive it in real time. Each question is anonymous and can be shared worldwide.

      The Questions App receives and collects all the answers. It displays them in a dynamic and intelligent way to facilitate analyzing the results. Easy to use, Questions allows you to associate the spontaneity of questioning with a depth of analysis.


    • To create a Question from the Klaxoon Home page:

      On the Home page, click on NEW-shadow.png then questions-petit.png

      A pop-up will appear:


      Type your question

      Select the type of question. If you do not select a type of Question, an open-ended question will be created in an instant messaging format.



      There are 3 other types of Questions:

      button-livechallenge.png Vote

      The participants respond to a survey question:

      • button-meeting-livevote-vote.png Vote : Single choice questions (SCQ) with a maximum of 20 possible choices
      • button-meeting-livevote-evaluation.png Rating : Score out of 5 star
      • button-meeting-livevote-yesno.png Yes/No : SCQ with two possible responses (Yes or No)

      The results of the survey appear immediately on the screen of the facilitator.

      The automatic closure option will close the Question once all the participants have responded.

      button-livevote.png Challenge

      The participants must input the correct words or numbers to respond to the question. Minor spelling errors are accepted.

      The first participant to answer correctly wins the challenge. The question then closes automatically, and the result is published in the Timeline with the winners’ name.

      button-livestorm.png Storm

      The participants enter key words to react to a question or theme. These words appear in a list or as a word cloud on the screen of the facilitator.



      Input the addressees. It is also possible to share the access code of the question once it has been launched.

      Click on ASK

      Your Question is then sent to the addressees


      For more info: Sent Questions

      To download the indivudal data of a Question:


      Click on button-burger__3_.png

      Click on T_l_charger__1_.png

      The results of your Question is downloaded in .XLSX/.CSV format in a ZIP file.

    • To manage your sent Questions:

      In the navigation bar, click on Questions

      The Questions interface appears:


      Click on Sent in the top right corner

      The list of Questions you created appears:


      Click on the Question box to see the results

      The Question window pops up:


      Click on the button-burger.png in the top left corner to show options:


      3 dot menu

      Come back to the question


      Close the question

      Access Code

      Participants can enter this Access Code to access the Question

      QR code

      Participants can scan this code—with their phone’s camera or with a specialized application (depending on the phone model)—to access the Question directly

      Full Screen

      Show the Question’s results in full-screen


      Add recipients by Name, E-mail, Network...



      4 ways to share the question invitation:

      • Copy the "" URL present under the 4 pictograms, that you can share where you want
      • Share on LinkedIn
      • Share on Twitter
      • Share on Facebook


      Stop the notifications about this question


      Access the editing page of the Question. You're able to add email addresses of other invitees


      Download datas

      Download your Question results file in .XLSX/.CSV format in a ZIP file.

      Close the question

      Participants will no longer be able to participate but can view the results

      Once closed, the lock is replaced by a trash icon, and you can delete the Question


      More information: Received Questions

    • Manage the Questions received:

      In the navigation bar, click on Questions

      The Questions interface will appear:



      All questions received and not yet answered arrive in the central Questions tab.


      All questions answered go into the received tab. There is a pass option at the bottom-right of each question which allows you to put the question in the received tab without answering.


      If the question is closed, the results appear here. If the question is a Storm, the word Closed will be shown.


      Profile pictures will be shown for each member who has received the question. A pink check mark will show who has responded.


      The number of ideas added since the last time the question was looked at.


      The total number of participants up to the most recent participation are indicated here. If the question is linked to a sticky note, the name of the Board will be shown too.


      A pink bubble shows each new question received or not yet answered.


    • Live Questions may be prepared in Studio when creating a Meeting or added, if required, using the dashboard.

      Read the article on Adding a Live Question for details of how to add a Live Question during a Meeting.

      Read the article on Creating a Session for details of how to add a Live Question when creating a Session (before launching it).

    • Live Questions allow you to ask participants questions in a Meeting.

      They may be prepared in Studio when creating a Meeting or added, if required, using the dashboard.