Bundle the activities and articles you wish to share with members.


Bundle the activities and articles you wish to share with members.

    • The Networks management screen enables you to access options for Networks that you have created.

      In Studio, click on the Manage my Networks tab.

      The Manage Networks screen is displayed:



      Enter a keyword to find a specific Network.

      Create a Network

      Click here to display the 'create new Network' pop-up.


      Click on a heading to change the order of the list based on this criterion.

      Name of Networks

      Click here to access the Network editing screen


      Click on button-burger.png to display a pop-up menu:

      • Edit: to access the Network editing screen
      • Invite: to access the 'sharing by email' screen
      • Access: to access the Network contents
      • Delete: to delete the Network; the articles will be deleted and the Activities will be closed (you can access the associated reports)

      Navigation buttons

      Click on these buttons to browse Network pages

    • A Network is a space for broadcasting activities and articles in which all members can collaborate and make contributions.

      It can be used to share resources and provide open access to them for a working group or based on an area of interest, thus enabling interaction to continue outside meeting times.


    • You can invite participants to view content shared on a Network in two ways:

      • By sharing the link for the Network – the link initially supplied by the Network creator is all you need to log in
      • By sending an invitation email, which entails either entering email addresses manually or importing a CSV file (Excel spreadsheet) – this option allows the Network creator to provide access only to people who have been specifically invited

      On the Network editing screen, open the Members box

      The Members box displays the link for sharing the Network, the button for inviting members by email, and a list of members (click on button-burger.png > Remove if you wish to delete members)


      Click on invite members

      The invite members screen is displayed:



      Filter which members are displayed:

      • ready: participants whose email addresses have been added but to whom the invitation email has not yet been sent
      • invited: participants who have received an email invitation but have not yet logged in
      • member: participants who are monitoring activity within the Network

      Add to list

      Enter the email addresses of people you wish to invite and click on add

      The email addresses are added to the list of members.

      import a csv

      Click to import a file in CSV format (Excel spreadsheet) containing email addresses. Klaxoon can distinguish email addresses from other content in the spreadsheet.

      Select all invitees

      Check this to select all the addresses before clicking on send e-mail invitations

      List of members and invitees

      The e-mail addresses and statuses of all members and invitees.


      Click here to delete an e-mail address (for those with ready status only)

      send e-mail invitations

      Check e-mail addresses in the list and click to send invitations.

      A message is sent to members inviting them to the Network: