Tips on launching, continuing, adding, or deleting your activities.

    • In Studio, click on the Manage Activities tab

      The Manage Activities screen is displayed:



      Enter a word to find a specific Activity.

      Activity type

      Select an Activity type to filter the list.

      Hide closed Activities

      Check this box to ensure that closed Activities are not included in the list.

      Create a new Activity

      Click here to display the create new Activity pop-up.


      Click on a heading to change the order of the list based on this criterion.


      This status relates to Activities that have not yet been launched. Click here to launch.


      This status relates to Activities in progress. Click here to access them.


      This status relates to closed Activities. Click here to access the report.


      Click here to show a pop-up menu (the available options depend on the Activity status):

      • Edit: to edit the Activity.
      • Preview (Capsule): to view the pages as a participant.
      • Invite: to access the page for sending email invitations.
      • Duplicate: to create a copy of the Activity (Brainstorm features an option enabling you to copy all the data during duplication).
      • Export: to download the KLX file for the Activity, i.e. its source file which can be re-imported into another Klaxoon account.
      • Article: to access the Activity article page on the Home interface.
      • PDF (Meeting in report status): to download the report in PDF format.
      • Stats: to view the participation statistics of the Activity (score, engagement).
      • Close: to switch the Activity to report status (people invited can view the results but cannot participate any more).
      • Delete (launch or report status): to permanently delete an Activity and its results.

      Navigation pages


    • Once you have created your activity, click on Launch to share it.

      The broadcast mode selection popup is displayed:


      Select your broadcast mode:

      With an access code: you provide participants with an access code and they enter either:

      • their email address (which may or may not be linked to a Klaxoon account) – they can find the activity later using their Klaxoon Home (e.g. to access a Meeting report).
      • a pseudonym – if they disconnect, they will lose the data they create during the activity.

      On a Network: select a target Network – all members of this interactive area will be entitled to access your activity.

      Can the broadcast mode be changed?
      Once launched, it is not possible to change the broadcast mode of an activity (e.g. by moving an activity to a Network or removing it from one).

      The dashboard is displayed and participants can access the activity.

    • In Studio, you can import activities as KLX files exported from other Klaxoon accounts.

      In Studio, click on the Import & Export tab and then on the Import box.

      The import screen is displayed:


      Click on browse and then, in the file explorer on your device, select the KLX file you wish to import.

      Multiple imports are not possible in Studio. If you wish to import several KLX files, repeat the process as many times as necessary.

      Once the file is uploaded, selection screens for Meetings (1), Missions (2) and/or activities (3) are successively displayed depending on the items included in the KLX file:


      Check the boxes of the required Meetings, Missions, and activities and then click on next and finally on import.

      When you import a Meeting or Mission, all the associated media and activities are also included.

      Imported activities are available in the manage activities screen:


    • In Studio, you can export your activities as KLX files that may then be re-imported into another Klaxoon account.

      In Studio, click on the Import & Export tab and then on the Export box.

      The Meetings (1) export screen is displayed:


      Check the boxes of the Meetings you wish to export and then click on next

      In the Missions (2) export screen and then Activities export screen (3), follow the same process as for the Meetings (1) export screen.

      The KLX file will contain all the activities and media used in the selected Meetings and Missions.

      The download screen (Step 4) is displayed:


      Click on submit

      A KLX is generated and downloaded in your device's downloads folder.

    • The Template feature is a quick and easy way to share a Klaxoon Activity model with your team so that they can use it themselves.

      Why? To share best practices or even to implement common methods for example.

      How? In your Klaxoon Studio, transform any existing Activity (like Brainstorm, Quiz, or Survey, etc) into a Template and publish it in a Network. The Template is now available for all the members of the Network.