A gamified sequence alternating between content pages and quiz questions.


A gamified sequence alternating between content pages and quiz questions.

    • An Adventure is a sequence of 1 to 10 steps enabling participants to explore content in a fun environment. Each step consists of one or more quiz questions (9 possible methods), which may be introduced by a contents page if required (text, videos, and images).

      To encourage competitiveness, a participant leaderboard appears by default, but may be disabled if required.

      An Adventure may be incorporated into a Session or shared as a stand-alone activity.

      Below is what an Adventure looks like on a participant's smartphone:


    • In Klaxoon Home, click on NEW-shadow.png puis button-adventure.png

      The Creation pop-up is displayed: 


      Enter the name of the Adventure (maximum 80 characters), add an image, and then click on create.

      Where is the image for an Activity displayed?

      Activities are displayed in Home or in a Network as an illustrated box.

      When creating them, select an image stored on your device or a photo taken on the fly. If you do not choose one, your profile photo will be used by default.

      You can then subsequently change this in Studio using the file picker (Klaxoon Storage).

      The editing screen is displayed:


      In the Settings box, choose the characteristics for your Adventure and then click on save.

      Breakdown of settings:

      Objectives: enter a description that will be shown to participants at the start of the Activity.

      Theme: select the visual theme for your Adventure.

      Leaderboard: enable or disable the general leaderboard display on participants' devices.

      Points: specify the number of points that can be earned per question (e.g.: 100 points per question x 3 steps x 4 questions per step = maximum of 1,200 points for the Adventure).

      In the Mode box, set the mode by which participants progress through the Adventure.

      Which mode should I choose?

      Replay option : After completing the Adventure, participants can start again to improve their score (this option is disabled if the Adventure is placed in a Session).

      Free – Classic: After completing a step, participants move on to the next one, even if they have made mistakes. They can display corrections.

      Step by step – Evaluation: Participants must answer the step correctly to advance to the next one. If they do not achieve the specified percentage, they must replay the step.

      Step by step – Controlled by the facilitator (only in a Session): After completing a step, participants must wait for the facilitator to open the next one in order to access it. That way, the entire group progresses at the same pace.

      In the Steps box, click on add a step, enter the name of the step, and then click on create

      The step editing screen is displayed: 


      If you wish to introduce the step, in the Options box, click on add to insert an existing page or to create a new page.

      In the Questions box, add any questions you wish to include.

      More info: Types of Quiz questions

      Once you have added your questions, click on button-back.png (top left corner).

      The step is added to your Adventure.

      Add as many steps as required (up to 10).

      How do I make changes to the list of steps?

      On each line:

      • Drag and drop button-dnd-dots.png to reorganize the steps
      • Click on button-burger.png to edit, duplicate or delete a step.

      Your Adventure is ready to be shared: 


      Click on Launch and then select how you wish to broadcast the Activity.
      The Activity dashboard is displayed: 


    • The Adventure launched in stand-alone mode (i.e. outside a Session) is preferably used asynchronously. At any time, you can view the participants' results.



      Displays a participant leaderboard with the respective scores and the step participants have reached.

      Step results

      Displays results at the various steps and a question breakdown.

      Step page

      Displays the introductory page for the step.

      Score for the step

      Participants' average score for the step.

      Previous step

      Displays the previous step.

      Next step

      Displays the next step.

      Question breakdown

      Displays the correct answers to the question.

      Question results

      Participants' average score for the question.


      Closes the results screen.

    • The dashboard of an Adventure launched in a Session provides a live view of the participants' progress and their quiz results once a step is completed by all the participants.


      Session Board

      Return to Session Board without closing the activity.


      Displays information regarding the Adventure: objectives, number of steps, and points per question.

      Close the activity

      This closes the Adventure and the results are recorded on the Session Board. You can replay the adventure, but all the previous answers will be lost.


      Freezes all activity on participants' devices.
      Click on the play button to unfreeze devices.


      Displays the stopwatch/timer.

      Number of participants

      Displays a list of connected participants. The black bubble shows the number of participants.

      If required, you can delete a participant from the list. His/her contributions to activities will continue to be recorded. S/he can subsequently reconnect.

      Step number

      The circles fill up as all the participants complete the relevant step.

      Click here to display:

      • Progress made by individual participants before the step is completed.
      • Group results and the correct answers once the step is completed by all participants.


      Displays a participant leaderboard with the points participants have earned.

      Background music

      Enables/disables the background music for the Adventure.

      End the Adventure

      Stops the Adventure and displays the results screen even if some of the participants have not finished.

      The results screen is similar to the stand-alone Adventure screen.

      Access code

      Displays a popup with sign-in details for participants.