Efficient teamwork, everywhere. With Help Klaxoon allows millions of people around the world to thrive further in their job thanks to better efficiency, creativity and inclusivity. Klaxoon is the best collaborative solution for daily efficient teamwork.


Efficient teamwork, everywhere. With Help Klaxoon allows millions of people around the world to thrive further in their job thanks to better efficiency, creativity and inclusivity. Klaxoon is the best collaborative solution for daily efficient teamwork.

    • Click on the idea in which the image is displayed

      Click on the button view image


      Click at the bottom left on the download arrow


    • Find all the editing features you need in a single toolbar.


      Choose which elements you want to select with the Interaction options button. Then select these elements with the selection arrow.

      To move around the Board click on the hand icon.

      If you want to import elements, click on add.


    • Klaxs relate to all forms of participant interaction including messages, ideas, comments, participation in an activity, etc.

      To see how many interactions you have generated, remember to click on the top right hand, on your profile picture then on Stats!

    • The Search feature allows you to search for ideas on your Board with different filters:


      By keywords

      By colors

      By categories

      By number of likes

      When you click on Search, your Board grays out to highlight the idea you are looking for.

      You can return to your Board (not grayed out) by clicking the Search button again.

    • The limit of participants per Activity created will depend on the type of account you have:

      - Free: 15

      - Pro: 100

      - Corporate: 300

      You can find more information on our website:

    • When you take a capture via the Snapshot button on your Board, it appears as a slideshow in the Export > Gallery menus.


      The slideshow of the captures taken is displayed:


      You can use the left and right arrows to switch between the snapshots, and the button-burger.pngto download the snapshot as a PNG or PDF, or discard the one displayed.

      Click on the capture to view it in full size:



      You can retrieve all captures at once by downloading the data from the Board: Download Activity Data
    • These buttons are filters used to display only certain items on the Board: Messages, Activities, Live Votes, Live Challenges, Live Storms, shared Presentations, or flagged items.

    • Yes. Click on the green semi-circle to the right of your screen to send your own messages.

    • To enlarge it, click on a message on the Board. You can then delete it or flag it so you can find it again more easily.

    • Yes. In the Session dashboard, click on the green semi-circle to open the messaging pane where you can disable messaging using the on/off button.

    • You can use the small screen in the top right corner of your dashboard to launch your presentation.

    • In Studio, it is possible to link an activity to a slide. This activity is displayed as a strip on the slide. Click on this strip to launch your activity.

    • The 'Share this page with participants' button is used for posting slides on the Session Board. Participants can then view them when required with a single click.

    • The table of contents allows you to view all your pages in preview mode.

    • If you wish to go back to the Board, click on the Minimize button rather than on Close ('X'). You will then return to the same slide when you continue the presentation.

    • Once the presentation has been launched, click on the text beneath the photo to display it on your slide.

    • Participants can access the report once the Session has ended. They must first create a participant account with a password.

    • It is possible to customize the report for participants using Participants report.

      When your Session has ended and you access the report, select the Participants report tab and the name of the relevant person to leave them a personalized comment.

    • Session data is the term used by the facilitator. It relates to the ZIP file containing all the Session data in PDF, XLS, and CSV formats.

      Report is the term used for participants. It includes their individual scores, the Board, and the results of activities.

    • The report is published in the language of your user profile. If you wish to publish it in a different language, change the language.

    • To retrieve all the data from your Session, close it and export the Session report.

    • The facilitator's Meeting data is a ZIP file containing all the data for the activity in PDF, XLS (Excel) , and CSV formats.

    • Participants can bring up a list of ideas sent by all participants on their device and add a heart to their favorites.

    • You can enter up to 500 characters per idea.

    • During a Session, the Board can be reopened as many times as required.

      If a Board is launched solely as an activity, participants may add to it until the facilitator closes it permanently.

    • The Group report is used for writing a comment to all participants.

      The Participants' report is used for writing a personalized comment to each of your participants.

    • Yes. After exporting the Session data, you can open a ZIP file with a breakdown of all the activities, participant feedback, and presentations in XLS, CSV, and PDF files.

      1. Once completed, you must close the Session.
      2. Then select Open report.
      3. Click on Export.
      4. Download the ZIP file.
    • Using the synchronization feature, it is possible to share your presentation live on all participants' devices.

    • Only the facilitator can view an embedded video in MP4 format so this broadcasting method is suitable for face-to face meetings and Sessions facilitated with a Klaxoon Box.

      In all other instances, provide a link to a published video (public/unlisted) on a streaming platform: YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.