6 types of questions for gauging opinions.

    • A Survey is a series of 1 to 20 questions that may be used to:

      • Gauge participants' opinions
      • Assess their level of knowledge
      • Ask questions about a topic

      In order to meet all your requirements, 6 types of questions are available:

      • SCQ (single choice question)
      • MCQ (multiple choice question)
      • Comment
      • Rating
      • Leaderboard
      • Categorize

      In Studio, click on each question type to display a description of it.

      A Survey may be incorporated into a Session or a Mission or shared as a stand-alone activity.

      Survey questions may be incorporated into a Memo.


    • In Klaxoon Home, click on NEW-shadow.png and then on 16.png.

      The Creation pop-up is displayed: 


      Enter the Survey name (maximum 80 characters), add an image, and then click on create.

      Where is the image for an Activity displayed?

      Activities are displayed in Home or in a Network as an illustrated box.

      When creating them, select an image stored on your device or a photo taken on the fly. If you do not choose one, your profile photo will be used by default.

      You can then subsequently change this in Studio using the file picker (Klaxoon Storage).

      The editing screen is displayed:


      In the Mode box, select the participants rights:

      • Authorize the changes: after validating a Question, the participants can go back to their answers to edit them.
      • Display the results: after answering, the participants can view all the results of the Survey.

      If the Survey is placed in a Session, its progression mode can be configured:

      • Free – Classic (by default): After answering a question, participants move on to the next one.
      • Question by question – Controlled by the facilitator: After answering a question, participants must wait for the facilitator to open the next one in order to access it. That way, the entire group progresses at the same pace.

      In the Questions box, either import questions that already exist or create new ones by clicking on the icon for the required question type and then on add.

      More info: Types of Survey questions

      The Question input pop-up is displayed: 


      Enter the Question title and then click on create.

      The Question editing screen is displayed:


      In the Choices box, configure the answers, then click on save.

      (Optional) In the Options box, add a media file and/or a description (additional instructions), then click on save.

      The question is added to your Survey.

      Create up to 20 questions.

      How do I make changes to the list of questions?

      On each line:

      • Drag and drop button-dnd-dots.png to reorganize your questions in the Survey
      • Click on button-burger.png to edit, duplicate or delete a question.

      Your Survey is ready to be shared:


      Click on Launch and then select how you wish to broadcast the Activity.

      The Activity dashboard is displayed:


    • Klaxoon offers 6 types of survey questions used in the Survey and Memo activities.

      button-survey-scq.png Single choice question (SCQ)

      Participants select one answer from several options.

      Example: Yes/no?

      button-survey-mcq.png Multiple choice question (MCQ)

      Participants select several answers from several options.

      Example: Have you ever ... ?

      button-survey-comment.png Comment

      Participants can enter any comments they wish (for open questions).

      Example: What positive aspects do you recall?

      button-survey-rating.png Rating

      Participants award a score out of 5. You can enable the option allowing them to add a comment.

      Example: Score the item.

      button-survey-ranking.png Sort into order

      Participants sort items into order.

      Example: Sort by order of preference.

      button-survey-categorize.png Categorize

      Participants must sort items into pre-defined categories.

      Example: Do you think these objectives should be achieved in the short or long term?


    • The Survey launched in stand-alone mode (i.e. outside a Session) is preferably used asynchronously. At any time, you can view the participants' results.


      Burger Menu

      Display a menu enabling you to:

      • Quit the activity (it remains open and participants can connect and explore it).
      • Enable/disable full screen.
      • Enable/disable high-contrast mode.
      • Zoom in/zoom out (applied to the interface).
      • Invite participants to the activity (in Studio).
      • Change the activity by accessing the editing screen in Studio.
      • Download data in CSV format (spreadsheet) showing the results of the activity.
      • Close the activity: this closes it permanently preventing participants from responding to any further questions, although they can view the results.


      Freezes all activity on participants' devices.

      Click on the play button to unfreeze devices.


      Displays the stopwatch/timer.

      Number of participants

      Displays a list of connected participants. The black bubble shows the number of participants.


      Access results for each question of the Survey.

      Access code

      Displays a popup with sign-in details for participants.


    • The dashboard of a Survey launched in a Session provides a live view of the participants' progress, and their results once a question is completed by all the participants.


      Session Board

      Return to Session Board without closing the activity.

      Close the activity

      Content and question results can still be viewed on the Session Board.

      Question numbers (Question-by-Question mode)

      The active question is shown in green.


      Freezes all activity on participants' devices.

      Click on the play button to unfreeze devices.


      Displays the stopwatch/timer.

      Number of participants

      Displays a list of connected participants. The black bubble shows the number of participants.

      If required, you can delete a participant from the list. His/her contributions to activities will continue to be recorded. S/he can subsequently reconnect.

      Participant progress

      In Free – Classic mode, progress is displayed for all questions and the result screen is displayed once all the participants have answered every question.

      In Question by Question – Controlled by the facilitator mode (shown above), the circle fills up as participants answer. Once everyone has answered, the results for the question are displayed.

      Progress breakdown

      Displays a list of participants for the question

      Stop waiting

      The results for the question are displayed even if some of the participants have not yet answered.

      Next question (in Question by question – Controlled by the facilitator mode)

      Click to make the next question available to the participants (the button is available once every participant has answered).