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      September 2022 - Synchronize the results of your activities in a session with your participants!

      Your participants can now view the same session results that the facilitator sees.

      Before :


      After :


      Originally, only the facilitator of a Session could see the details of the answers to the questions.

      Now, the Session activity allows participants to see the percentage of responses for each question, in sync with the facilitator.

      What does this mean in practice?

      During the Session, if the facilitator opens the details of the results of an Activity, the participant's screen will synchronize and open at the same time.

      More inclusive presentations

      Everyone can easily follow the meeting , whether they are in the room with the facilitator, or at home behind their screen!

      This feature has been effective since September 20, 2022, and is available to all users of the Klaxoon Workshop Platform.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact the support via the chat Help.png

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      Administrators can now transfer activities between team users.

      A new feature, reserved for console administrators, is now available: the transfer of Klaxoon activity rights between users in a team. This means that you will no longer lose activities when there are changes in your workforce.

      How does it work?

      First, access the administration console by clicking on "manage my team".



      Choose the person to whom you want to transfer an activity.

      The user must have a PRO license and belong to the same Console as the donor.

      See the list of the donor's activities that are transferable (any type of activity).

      Select the activities and Networks to transfer.

      Check the activities and Networks you want to transfer. A count appears at the end of the line and the total at the bottom of the window. You can select all the transferable activities contained in a Network by checking the Network.


      A confirmation window indicates if the transfer was successful. A notification email is also sent to the users impacted concerned:

      • The donor and the receiver of the activities each receive a summary of the transferred activities and their new role for each activity.
      • The supervisor who performed the action also receives a copy of the list of transferred activities.

      Thoughts are not lost when leaving!

      As a pro user, you can now ask the Klaxoon license administrator to transfer the rights of an activity from one of your colleagues to you, for example when they leave.

      This feature has been effective as of September 20, 2022, and is available to all Klaxoon license administrators.

      Please note: customers who do not want the administrator to have access to this transfer feature can ask Klaxoon to disable it for their organization.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact support via Help.png

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      With Memo, you now have the option to display or hide participant results and input.


      Like Polls, Memos can be used to share information and collect different opinions.

      It is therefore now possible to allow or not allow participants to consult the answers of other respondents.

      How can this be done ?

      When creating the Memo, in step 1 "Settings", you have the possibility to check or uncheck the box :

      Authorize the consultation of results

      This mode is also available for Surveys.

      Free your voice!

      To make it easier to speak up, knowing that other participants will not be able to see your answers can be important.

      This feature has been effective since September 9, 2022, and is available to all users of the Klaxoon Workshop Platform.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact the support via the chat Help.png

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      You can now access all the information about your Jira tickets from Klaxoon.


      When you import Jira tickets on Klaxoon, they are displayed as ideas. Now, when you click on them, you have access to the Jira information about the ticket associated with the idea, while keeping the Klaxoon interactions easily available (Question, Like...).

      What does this mean in concrete terms?

      On the left side of the image, an idea is displayed:

      • You can continue to interact with the idea by attaching a Question or assigning it a like.

      On the right side, a preview of the Jira ticket directly on your Board with :

      • the project key and ticket id
      • the type of the ticket and its associated icon

      Followed by:

      • the ticket summary
      • the description of the ticket

      The status and priority of the ticket:

      • the status of the ticket (using the Jira color code: gray - initial status / blue - current status / green - final status)
      • the priority of the ticket and its associated icon
      • the labels or tags

      More information about the ticket:

      • the creator, responsible and assigned (with the avatar defined in Jira)
      • the date of creation, modification, expiration and resolution

      As well as the possibility to open Jira to visualize the ticket on the application.


      Everything in one place!

      Find all the necessary information in one place to manage projects seamlessly. No need to go back into Jira to look for details, everything is available on the Board.

      This feature has been effective since September 5, 2022, and is available to all users of the Workshop Platform for which Jira is available on Klaxoon.

      Do you want more information about Jira ?

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      Connect an entire organization to the same Jira project, or just a Board, with our new connection modes.


      There are now a variety of connection modes to suit your team's needs.

      At the organization level you can now :

      • allow connection to the same Jira instance for all users
      • authorize the connection to Jira by personal token (default mode)
      • forbid the use of Jira to members of the organization

      More concretely ?

      Connect by personal token :

      - The creation of the Webhook remains dependent on the Jira administrator role, not of the person performing the Jira import. The user on the Board side remains free to choose the Jira instance they want to import and does not need the supervisor to do so.


      Connect to the same Jira instance for all users of the same organization :

      • The supervisor of the organization must synchronize with the Jira administrator to create a link between the two applications
      • The user on the Board side will not be able to choose the Jira instance they want import, but will simply have to authenticate themselves on Jira with their credentials.


      Ban the use of Jira for the whole organization:

      - Boards previously connected to Jira will be disconnected (break in synchronization): it will no longer be possible to create Jira ideas and Jira ideas already present will no longer be updated.



      • If the connection mode is changed, the supervisor is notified of the impact to the users.
      • This setting per organization is valid for both Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

      Thus, you can adapt the Jira-Klaxoon connection in favor of the will of your organization, to facilitate your working time.

      This feature has been available since September 5th 2022 for all users of Klaxoon's Workshop Platform.

      For more information on Jira connection modes, please read a complete article on the subject:  Jira

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      You now have the possibility to skip this step.


      Previously, when you completed or closed a Klaxoon activity, the evaluative star rating was mandatory.

      In response to your requests, participants are now able to "pass" the final evaluation step of a Klaxoon Activity.

      Have you passed the evaluation step but want to go back?

      Don't worry! You will be able to vote, or modify your evaluation, from the activity's 3 small points menu.


      More relevant evaluations

      The option makes the received evaluations much more relevant for the activity creator, since they come from participants who have chosen to evaluate it.

      This feature has been effective since September 28, 2022, and is available to all users of the Klaxoon Workshop Platform.

      If you have any questions, feel free to contact the support via the chat Help.png