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How can I synchronize my Board's ideas with Jira?
How can I synchronize my Board's ideas with Jira?
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Why synchronize Klaxoon and Jira?

Bi-directional synchronization between Klaxoon ideas and Jira tickets saves time and makes it easy to share information.

When an idea is created in Board, it creates a ticket in the Jira project.

When a Jira ticket is created, a new idea is created in the inbox on Board.

How do I synchronize Klaxoon and Jira?

Prerequisite: the administrator must be a Jira super-admin to be able to make modifications and not just a "user".

1 -Authorize connection to Jira with a personal token

Each user will have to connect to his or her own JIRA account by creating a "Token".

End-user view

To find out more, see this article: Configuration of Jira with a personal token

2 - Forcing a connection to a Jira instance

The Console Administrator performs the integration, which is transparent to the end user.

End-user view

3 - Import a Jira project

From your Board toolbar, click on "Add", then on "Jira".

Then select the project and ticket type

4 - Jira to Klaxoon synchronization

Tickets appear as ideas on your Board.

5 - Klaxoon to Jira synchronization

Create an idea, click on the "3 dots" menu, then on "Convert to Jira".

Associate the idea with a project and define the ticket type

Display from a Board

Display from Jira

⚠ For tickets to be synchronized in both directions, i.e. from Klaxoon to Jira and from Jira to Klaxoon, you must have Full Admin Jira status.

With Jira user status (no admin role), tickets are only synchronized in one direction: an idea submitted on the Klaxoon board will appear in Jira, whereas a ticket created in JIRA will not appear on the Klaxoon board.

For more information on Jira, click on the following link: Jira

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