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April 2024
04/15/2024: Launch of the new Klaxoon interface
04/15/2024: Launch of the new Klaxoon interface
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Discover a brand new intuitive design, seamless navigation and infinite possibilities for creation and engagement!

You can now test Klaxoon's new interface! With its brand new intuitive design, seamless navigation and unparalleled flexibility, the new Klaxoon interface is set to reshape your work management. Discover the main changes below.

The Homepage

Designed with simplicity of use in mind, the home page offers a dynamic, customizable interface for building the collaborative workspace of tomorrow. It serves as your central hub for accessing key information, updates, and functionalities.

Key new features:

  • Recently Viewed: Provides quick access to all the activities (except Questions) you've interacted with most recently.

  • Favorites: Provides quick and convenient access to the content and resources that matter most to you.

  • Pinned Networks: Allows you to prioritise your most frequently accessed networks so you may effortlessly navigate to your preferred destinations with just a click.

  • Widget Configuration: Tailor your homepage layout by adding, removing, or rearranging widgets to suit your workflow

  • View Configuration: Custom the view of your activities for each block either into a list or grid view to display the most relevant information for your workflow.

To find out more, read the article dedicated to the new home page's functionalities: The New Homepage

A new navigation bar

Maximize your productivity! Positioned on the left of the interface, the navigation bar is the main gateway to all Klaxoon activities and sections. It remains visible on all pages for ease of use, and can be minimized.

Key New Features:

  • Choose between Shrink and Show mode, your choice will be automatically registered the next time you connect.

  • Pin the menu bar inside an activity to show the entire navigation bar.

  • Search for specific content by filtering your activities either by type: Board, Session, Quiz, Survey etc, or by status: in preparation, shared, closed.

  • Activities: Serves as your command center for managing all your activities whether created by you (“My activities” equivalent to the "studio" page in the original interface) or shared by other users ("Shared with me" page).

  • Invitations: Serves as a centralized hub for managing invitations and welcoming new members into your collaborative environment.

  • First steps: Offers a user path based on use cases to illustrate the different possibilities of the platform and inspire use.

To find out more, read the article dedicated to the new home page's functionalities: The new navigation bar

The "+ New" button

Access infinite possibilities for creation and engagement! Explore the unique features of each tool on the platform and discover new ready-to-use templates for every activity.

Key New Features:

  • The New button enables users to create a new activity directly from the navigation bar.

  • The tools are organized into a logical order to help you get started: activities (can be launched independently), blended activities and Workspace.

  • A tab with a product description opens by hovering on each activity. Click on the narrow to hide the description block. Your preference will be automatically saved on each tab.

  • You may create a new activity from scratch or select a template. When clicking on "create" you will be redirected into the edit of your activity (primarily the Studio). The latter has been designed with a white background to visual harmonization with the new brand book of the platform.

  • "Article" is deleted from the list of new activities and is now available directly in Networks.

To find out more, read the article dedicated to the new home page's functionalities: Create Klaxoon activities

The new Klaxoon interface has been available to all Klaxoon users since 15/04/2024, by clicking on the banner that appears everywhere in the old interface. It will be possible to return to the original interface at any time during the next few weeks by clicking on your avatar and "return to the classic interface.

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