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Manage my team (Administration console)
Manage my team (Administration console)
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The console allows the Administrator to control and manage all your team's Klaxoon accounts.

You'll have access to advanced features for managing all Klaxoon users in your team. To discover them, go to the menu under your Klaxoon profile photo, and click on "Manage my team".

From your Administration Console, you can view usage trends, manage your user base, reinforce your security policy and customize your Klaxoon interface.

Please note that some features are not available for all price plans. To benefit from them, please contact our sales team.

"Tab" console

Access your team dashboard and view the following data:

  • Number of licenses used and those available. If your team console is full, increase its capacity by clicking on "need more". A consultant will call you back as soon as possible.

  • Storage used

  • Total number of activities created by your team

"Tab" users

Access your team's user profiles.

Organize your team list as you wish. Add a new member to your team directly by clicking on "invite". To find out more: Add a new user to your Console.

Administer and manage your team's licenses.

On the list, click on the 3 vertical dots to edit, deactivate or change status.

By clicking on "import", you can also add one user or several hundred via a CSV file. And click on "export" to download in csv or Excel format the complete list of users visible in the console, with their status, creation date and date of last recorded access to Klaxoon.

💡 For some Enterprise consoles, month-by-month access to active users is available via the "Export" menu.

Transfer activities between team users.

"Tab" organization

Customize your users' interface according to the levels of your Enterprise console:

  • choose your graphic universe,

  • change name, image or logo

  • SSO configuration (find out more: SSO single sign-on)

  • restrict access to activities and Networks to members of your Console only

💡 You can also configure the connection to Jira. To find out more, consult this article: Jira configuration

You can also choose how their administrators are informed of license requests. Finally, you can also manage access to the various videoconferencing tools from this area.

You now have everything you need to get to grips with your administration console, and invite and manage Klaxoon users in your team!

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