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Taking part in a Board
Taking part in a Board
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The idea

Once connected to a Board, the participant can toggle between the send idea interface and the board, to organize the ideas. Their interface depends on the rights granted by the facilitator.

1 - Idea input field

Enter text, draw a picture, or import a photo.

2 - Text

Enable ideas to be entered in text format.

3 - Drawing

Enable the drawing function.

4 - Image

Select an image from your terminal.

5 - Category

Assign a category to your idea (if the facilitator has enabled the option).

6 - Dimension

Specify up to 3 dimensions (if the facilitator has enabled the option).

7 - Send

Share the idea with the facilitator and the other participants.p

8 - Remaining number of characters

Ideas must be no longer than 500 characters.

9 - Reset idea

Delete the current idea.

10 - Idea color

Select the colors of ideas.

11 - New color

Choose a new color to add to the palette.

12 - Board button

Live view the board on which the ideas are organized:

The Board

1 - Board

Board on which the ideas are organized and annotated by the facilitator, and (if he has authorized them) by the participants

Drag and drop ideas to move them (if the facilitator has authorized the participants to do so).
Double-click on an idea to enlarge it and add a heart to it or edit it.

2 - Ideas

3 - Follow-me / Live

Click on this button (if it has been enabled by the facilitator) to continue the synchronization.

Launch a Live audio and video of 5, 15, 30 minutes renewable or infinte time, or a video conference (Meet, Skype, Teams, Webex or Zoom). It is also possible to share your screen.

4 - Mini-Board

Thumbnail of the board allowing you to move around quickly on the main Board.

5 - Interaction settings

  • Move arrow :Activate the navigating cursor in the board

  • Selection arrow :Activate the multiple object selection rectangle (ideas, images and shapes)

  • Navigate the Board : Click on the hand to move around the Board without moving items.

6 - Display

  • Zoom in on the selected item

  • Zoom in globally

  • Show the color legend of the ideas on the Board

  • Show the thumbnail to quickly move around the entire Board

  • Show objectives (or instuctions) on the Board

  • Show the background image

  • Show a grid on the Board

  • Enable grid magnetism, making it easier to align objects on the Board

7 - Views

Allows you to change the Board display mode:

  • Board:The ideas are placed manually on the infinite whiteboard

  • Column: The ideas are organized by their category which can be modified by drag'n drop.

  • List: Table enabling the ideas to be sorted according to different criteria (colors, categories, dimensions, etc.).

8 - The "+" button
Displays the send idea interface

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