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Taking part in a Session
Taking part in a Session
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Once connected to a Session, participants access the interface shown below to take part in activities and live questions and interact using messages:

1 - Burger Menu

Display the access code or exit the Session and return to Klaxoon Home.

2 - Session image and objectives

Displayed right at the top of the Board and defined by the facilitator.

3 - Board

Main Session screen on which all messages sent by participants are displayed in chronological order along with all Activities and Live Questions and all presentation slides shared by the facilitator during the session.

Click on a message to enlarge it and add a heart to it.

Click on an activity to take part in it (while it is open) or to view the results (once it is closed).

4 - Number of hearts

Number of hearts added by participants to a message.

5 - Activities menu

Show or hide the menu.

6 - Message

Create a new message which is shown on the Board :

  • Text of max. 140 characters.

  • Drawing + 80-character key

  • JPG, PNG or GIF image (unanimated) + 80-character key

7 - Live Questions

Shortcuts to Live Questions in progress

8 - Notes

Allows you to create a new personal note, which can be accessed from the profile photo menu. Users connected with pseudonyms cannot view their notes.

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