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The "Manage my company" function is the area where you can supervise and control all your team consoles.

To access it, go to the menu under your Klaxoon profile photo, and click on "Manage my company".

Please note: this feature is not available to everyone. To take advantage of it, please contact our sales team.

Tab “dashboard”

In this first tab, access your company's dashboard.

  • Name and logo

  • Number of teams

  • Total number of users

  • Total number of licenses used

  • List of all the teams making up your company, with the following information (one team per block):

    • Name and logo

    • Team characteristics

    • Number of users

    • Number of licenses used / number of licenses available

    • Photo or avatar of team administrators

Do you have a question for one of our team administrators? Click on their photo to access their information, then click on "Ask a question".

As a company administrator, you can log in as the administrator of each of the teams making up the company.

To do this, simply hover your mouse over the team you wish to work on, then click on the left mouse button.

You are now connected to the team's administration console, where you can perform the same actions as a team administrator. Please refer to the article Manage my team (Administration console).

To return to the company administrator level, go to the menu under your Klaxoon profile photo, and click on "Manage my company".

Tab “users"

The "Users" tab lets you supervise and control your team consoles. This is where you'll find your users' names, team names, e-mail addresses and status.

You can choose to display all users, or only those with a pro or free account. You can also access deactivated accounts.

View for each user :

  • total number of klaxs

  • total number of activities created and animated in the team

  • number of activities participated in this month

  • last login date

  • account creation date

Use the filter to display a team, part of a team or all teams.

As company administrator, you can also move a user from one team to another.

To do this, click on the three vertical dots in a line mentioning a user. You can then select another team to which to transfer the user. If the transferred user is a pro user, only teams with available licenses will be accessible for the transfer.

Please note that it is not possible to transfer a corporate administrator. In addition, SCIM consoles are not available for transfer.

Tab “analytics"

In this third and final "Usage Analysis" tab, access your company's data.

Choose whether you wish to display a team, part of a team or all teams. View the total number of users, pro and free users.

Access all your console's statistics on your users:

  • their evolution

  • number of active users

But also on your participants with :

  • number of participants per month

  • your monthly and daily audience

View your activity data, too, with :

  • the number of horns generated

  • breakdown of activities by month

  • storage used by your team

  • download your data in Excel, csv or text format

Need more help? Take a look at our articles or contact our support team.

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