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01/25/2024: Questions on hold
01/25/2024: Questions on hold
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Now it's easier than ever to use Questions! When you receive a Question, you can schedule a reminder to answer it later.

This enhancement will considerably optimize the organization of your Inbox: the /userspace/questions page.
Previously, when you had viewed or replied to a Question, it would automatically disappear from the page.
Now, with the new "Remind me" function, you can schedule a reminder, ensuring that your Question returns to your Inbox.
With this improved and user-friendly function, you'll experience a higher response rate to your Questions!

1) How do I put a Question on hold?

​To use the "Remind me" feature, simply hover over the question and click on the clock icon. From here, you can set the desired time for your reminder.

On the phone, to display the icon and set the reminder, just drag the Question to the left or right.

In the Questions section, the "Skip" button has been replaced by "Remind me". This functionality enables the scheduling of reminders directly from the question. The button comes with a descriptive message to provide additional guidance.

Find all Questions on hold by clicking on the dedicated icon in the filter bar.

2) How are we alerted

Once the reminder has expired, the Question returns to your Inbox with a pink "Reminder" insert.

You'll also get a notification in your Journal.

This feature has been available to all Klaxoon users since January 25, 2024.

Would you like to know more about Questions? Visit the other pages of our Help Center.

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