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January 2023
01/24/2023 : Live evolution, the video conferencing tool integrated in board
01/24/2023 : Live evolution, the video conferencing tool integrated in board
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The Live video experience is enriched with the customization of your wallpaper, the auto-detection of the muted microphone, the incentive to use the "follow me" feature and much more.

No more videos where your cat in the background steals the show. No more long speech from your colleague who is muted or who forgot to synchronize his screen! The new Live video experience allows you to focus on your interlocutors.

Customize your wallpaper

You now have the possibility to change your background during Live videos! Click on "show settings" to find the different possibilities at any time:

  • 2 levels of blur

  • 5 backgrounds selected by Klaxoon

  • or import an image from your computer (up to 5 backgrounds can be stored at the same time).


Your choice will be saved and activated for all future Live events launched or joined. This feature is available on desktop and mobile devices.

Auto-detection of speech when the microphone is muted during a Live video

Your microphone is now sensitive to speech. When you speak without unmuting, a pop-up prompts you to activate it. Avoiding the now classic "Unmute, activate your mic!".


Reminder to present your screen when speaking during a Live

When you speak during a Live and interact on the Board (e.g. when you move an idea) at the same time, a pop-up will prompt to click on "follow me" so that your movements are tracked by the participants. Clicking directly in the pop-up also takes you to the Board presentation, in the same way as "follow me".


Adding a badge to the Live thumbnail, to indicate who is presenting their screen

When you are the person presenting your screen: a badge with the same icon as the "follow me" button, will appear on the Live thumbnail.


When you hover your cursor over the Live thumbnail of the person presenting their screen: the same button and the word "follow" will appear. Clicking on this button allows you to follow the presentation.


Better support at the end of the Live

It is now possible to add extra time at any point during a Live. You can do so with one click on the Live timer.

In addition, during the last minute of a Live, you are given the option to add more or unlimited time. A progress bar has also been added to let you know when the Live is about to end! During the last 10 seconds, this bar turns red and the timer "vibrates".

This feature is now available in desktop only, for Board and Session.


Evolution of the terms used to launch a video

For more clarity, the text explaining what a Live is has been redesigned. The other video services have also been grouped under the "other video providers" button.


This feature is available since January 24, 2023 for all Klaxoon users.

Do you have any questions about these new features?

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