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How do I activate my Board's sync?
How do I activate my Board's sync?
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Once the Board has been shared, synchro allows you to focus on a particular area of the Board, so that the whole team sees the same screen at the same time.

If you wish to deactivate this option for your participants, set the functionalities in the Participant settings

Activate synchronization

1 - From your Board, access the side menu (on the left of your screen)

2 - Click on the "follow me" icon to activate synchronization.

3 - A blue dot appears, indicating that the feature has been activated.

💡 When speaking, everyone takes control with Board synchronization and guides others on the ideas they share, they can move around, zoom in, open media remotely etc.

Deactivating synchronization

To deactivate synchronization, click on your avatar in the side menu.

The avatar will revert to gray, meaning that participants will no longer follow the presenter's movements.

Find out more about the side menu in this article: What's in the Board side menu?

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