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How do I access Klaxoon in a Teams conversation?
How do I access Klaxoon in a Teams conversation?
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See below how to use Klaxoon from a Teams conversation.

Technical requirements to access Klaxoon in the Teams application:

- Make sure the Klaxoon application is approved by your administrator from the Teams admin console.

- In the left-hand navigation pane of the Microsoft Teams Administration Center, access the application page

- The status of the application should be indicated as "Authorized": this means that the application is available to all users in your organization.

1 - From a Teams conversation

Access your conversations in the Teams application. Select the conversation of your choice and press the "+" button.

2 - Select the Klaxoon application

Select Klaxoon from the list.

3 - Log in to your account

You can now log in to your account.

4 - Access your activities

You can then access all your activities. Simply click on the activity you wish to share, and it will appear on Teams.

To access Klaxoon from a Teams meeting, see this article: How do I access Klaxoon from a Teams meeting?

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