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February 2022
02/28/2022 - A better experience for Teams X Klaxoon integration
02/28/2022 - A better experience for Teams X Klaxoon integration
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Klaxoon's integration with Microsoft Teams is evolving to provide an optimal workshop experience during your meetings.

Klaxoon can be easily integrated into your Teams meetings! Launch one of your Klaxoon activities directly from your Meeting. It will appear on the screens of all your participants and will facilitate interaction and collaboration throughout your Teams Meeting.

Less top-down and more participative meetings:

With this integration, your participants will be able to follow your screen share, and participate either verbally or in writing with Klaxoon ideas. As participants, they will have access to the activity once the meeting is over so they can return to it if necessary.

All in one place:

The goal is to facilitate a collaborative experience where it is easy to participate and connect.

How to take advantage of it?

In the Teams application (whether on PC, Mac or Linux) it is now possible to add the Klaxoon application in the Teams Meetings.

To add it from your Meeting, click on --- (More actions) in the toolbar at the top of the window,

then on ➕ "Add an application"


and choose the Klaxoon application.


Once the app is added, you will be asked to sign in to your Klaxoon account.


Once your account is linked to Klaxoon, you can choose the activity you want to share during your Meeting.


How do I get others to participate?

The activity appears with its preview in a panel on the right of the videoconference.


You can then share it with all the participants of the meeting by clicking on the share Teams application button at the top of the right panel.

Once shared, the activity can be used by all participants in the meeting. All they have to do is create a participant account or log in to their Klaxoon account to be able to interact in the activity, without leaving the context of your Meeting Teams!

Remember: only Klaxoon PRO users can use the configurator.

  • Klaxoon can also be added to a Teams chat to continue information sharing and teamwork between your meetings, (and always to a Microsoft Teams). Just add the app from your Teams homepage.


This feature has been available since February 28, 2022 for users with a pro account on Klaxoon.

Do not hesitate to contact the support via HELP

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