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Domain name recognition
Domain name recognition
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Domain name recognition is a process for identifying and validating the existence of a domain name (or names).aine.

1 - What is domain name recognition?

Domain name recognition allows us to detect all new users who create an account with one or more targeted domain names, and to repatriate them to a target console within the Company.

2 - What are the benefits?

No more accounts can be created outside the managed environment (blocking e-shop purchases, impossibility of having a Free account outside the team console, etc.).

Here are the three main advantages:

  • Networks by default and branding by subsidiaries

  • Delegation of console administration to subsidiaries

  • More detailed usage statistics (available by subsidiary)

  • Only Klaxoon users are declared

3 - What are the prerequisites?

  • setting up a company console

  • designate an "auto" console, i.e. a default console into which captured accounts will be dumped

  • define the domain names concerned

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