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01/26/2023 : With the Dot-Voting on Board, involve the team even more in the decisions
01/26/2023 : With the Dot-Voting on Board, involve the team even more in the decisions
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Dot voting is coming to Board! With this feature you and your participants will be able to express opinions and make descisions in a more democratic way.

Dot-voting is a collaborative decision-making method that can be used in teams to evaluate ideas and make decisions. ​

Each participant receives a number of voting tokens that he or she can assign to different ideas on the board. For example, the facilitator defines 10 available tokens. The participant will be able to allocate 5 tokens to one idea, 3 tokens to another and finally 2 tokens to a third. Dot-voting is more powerful than a simple "Like" because it allows users to weight a vote and give more or less importance to it. Participants can thus express themselves on more criteria.


How does it work?

The host and the co-host of a Board can both launch a dot-vote.
It's easy to do. Click on the "Vote" button on the left of your Board screen, then select "Dot Voting". You can then name your Dot-Voting, define the number of tokens to allocate (between 1 and 99 tokens) and finally launch it.
By clicking on the "Options" button, you can also choose to launch a timer, and allow participants to see the votes of other participants or not.


On their side, the participants will be able to vote by clicking on the ideas to assign the number of tokens of their choice. To allocate a token, they must click on the "+". They can also remove tokens, if they have changed their mind, by clicking on the "-".


During voting, the facilitator and participants have access to the number of votes per idea from the List and Board Column views. They can sort them to view the voting order.

Instant consolidation and export of results
As a host or co-host, you have a dedicated view to analyze the results in real time. You have access to several interesting data points to measure engagement: percentage of participation, average response time, number of participants...
If you have a Pro account, you can also export the ideas and their associated number of votes in excel or csv format.
Finally, you can also access the history of past dot-voting sessions.

To view the results of your completed dots-voting, simply click on "vote" on the left of your Board, then "Dot-voting" and "results".

You will then find all your closed dot-voting and can either click on the title to display the results, or export them:

This feature is available since January 26, 2023 for all Klaxoon users.

Do you have any questions about Dot-voting in Board?

Do not hesitate to contact the support via HELP

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