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November 2022
11/29/2022: Choice of notifications for license requests
11/29/2022: Choice of notifications for license requests
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As an administrator, you now have several options for receiving notifications of new license requests from your teams.

You have three choices:

Receive notifications in "real time": Klaxoon sends you an email for each license request as soon as the requester clicks on the request button. This option is ideal if you want to remain reactive to any new request. This is the default notification option.

Receive "daily summary" notifications: all new requests not processed within the last 24 hours are sent in a single email.

Receive "no email": license requests are silent. No email is sent. Of course, requests still appear in the console.

To select one of these options, simply go to "Manage my team" and "License requests".

More flexible notifications

You decide, according to your needs!

This feature has been available to all Klaxoon users since November 29, 2022.

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