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March 2022
03/03/2022 - New keyboard shortcuts on the Board
03/03/2022 - New keyboard shortcuts on the Board
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You now have access to more than 50 keyboard shortcuts to navigate the Board easier and quicker.


Clicking on the wheel at the bottom right of the Board gives you access to a list of keyboard shortcuts available.

20 shortcuts have been added that aim to provide quick access to the different tools available on the Board.

Some examples?

  • Simply press the "Q" key to ask a question on the Board

  • Navigate the Board without moving anything easily with the "H" key

  • Link objects together as quickly as ideas with the "X" key

  • Duplicate an item on the Board with "Ctrl+D


More efficient navigation:

These new shortcuts are designed to make your Board navigation easier and faster, for an ever more ergonomic experience.

This feature is available since March 3, 2022 for all Klaxoon users.

For more information on the Board features: Board

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