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05/03/2023 : Evolution of the Board's participant settings
05/03/2023 : Evolution of the Board's participant settings
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The participant settings interface is evolving on the Board to improve the user experience and understanding of the Board's Mode selection.

The participant settings window has been modified and replaced by a newer, more intuitive display. They are now easier to read and therefore accessible to everyone.

Previously, you had to select "Free Mode" or "Controlled Mode" to change the settings in each category, i.e. "Creation, modify and move", "Views" and "Features".

Now, the Modes are grouped in the same drop-down menu to make it easier to choose the participating settings. Now you just have to click on the desired setting to change the possible actions on your Board with a simple click.

In the mobile version, a full screen display of the participant settings is available.

These features are live as of 05/03/2023 for all Klaxoon users. As a reminder, the Live, Sync and Export features are not offered to Free users.

If you have any further questions about Klaxoon, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team!

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