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July 2023
07/17/2023 : Organize your content and navigate your Board more easily with Zones
07/17/2023 : Organize your content and navigate your Board more easily with Zones
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With the new Zones feature, it's easy to navigate your Board and create a common thread for your participants.

It's now possible to create zones that can hold all kinds of content: ideas, shapes, icons, text and sketchs. You can use them to organise your ideas, but also to navigate around Board more easily by accessing them with a single click.

To create a zone, simply go to the "insert" menu and click on "zone". The size of the zone is then adapted directly to the zoom level of your Board.

You can also create a zone on the Board by selecting multiple objects or via the table of contents by clicking on 'Zones' at the bottom right of your screen, then on the "+".

You can name, move, lock, delete and duplicate your zones, as well as share the access link from the context menu.

To resize your zones evenly, hold down the "shift" key on your keyboard. You can also choose from 3 predefined zone formats for greater consistency.

Use the arrows to move from one area to another in the table of contents and rearrange the order as you wish.

These zones created in Board or in a Template are retained when duplicating, exporting, importing, previewing or using Templates.

Participants will be able to access the table of contents and select zones to browse the Board, as well as upload content and share links. However, they will not be able to administer the zones or modify their properties.

This new feature will be enhanced over the coming weeks to make it even easier for you to navigate your Boards.

The zones have been accessible to all Klaxoon users since 07/17/2023.

You are now ready to explore all the features of the Board. Find out more about the creation process and get started on Klaxoon!

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