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Jira: integration and configuration
Jira: integration and configuration
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After connecting its suite with Microsoft Teams and Dropbox, Klaxoon partners this time with Atlassian and their best-seller issue and project tracking software in order to offer a seamless experience for product and project management.

Launching a new product or managing a complex project, users can now synchronize Jira issues (and their issue type) in Board Hybrid. Once both tools are connected, items and ideas are automatically updated in Klaxoon and Jira simultaneously for more efficiency.

As an administrator, it is possible to set up access to Jira for the users of his console.

There are three possible options:

1 They can authorize the connection to Jira with the personal token

For more information to configure this option: : Configuration of Jira with a personal token

2 They can force the connection on a given Jira instance : all the boards created by the users of this console will be linked to the Jira instance

For more information to configure this option: : Configuration by the Jira administrator on a dedicated instance

3 They can block the synchronization to Jira. The Jira option will no longer be available in the Boards of the users of this console. Boards that were synchronized will no longer be updated and it is no longer possible to create Jira ideas in these Boards

For more information to configure this option: : Prohibit the integration of Jira

BEWARE: If you switch from option 1 to option 2 from your console administration interface, the user's boards that were synchronized with JIRA instances will not be synchronized anymore.

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