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June 2023
06/16/2023 : Managing Klaxoon accounts with Okta
06/16/2023 : Managing Klaxoon accounts with Okta
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Effortlessly Manage Your Employees' Klaxoon Licenses with Klaxoon's Okta Compatibility.

Okta is an identity management service that allows you to assign access rights to different third-party applications, giving your teams secure access to all the tools needed within your organization.

Also referred to as a company directory, Okta can help you add, modify or deactivate your employees' Klaxoon accounts. Enable the user management of Pro licenses through the SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) Protocol, which enables automated exchange of identity information.

To access this new feature, you will need a private SSO. You will also need to contact our support team to configure Klaxoon in Okta.

This feature has been made available to all Klaxoon Pro users starting 06/16/2023.

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