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November 2023
11/07/2023: download and hide zone content
11/07/2023: download and hide zone content
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Two new actions are now possible with zones to make it easier to use Board: export and hide a zone.

1 - Export zone content

Board hosts and co-hosts can now export the content of a zone in a variety of formats: pdf, image, excel, CSV...

This update offers the possibility of downloading specific data. This update also has the advantage of considerably reducing the time needed to process large quantities of data.

How to download a zone content:

  1. Click on the zone outline

  2. Open the "Export zone content" menu by clicking on the download arrow symbol

  3. You can now choose the format in which you wish to download your zone.

This also works for participants if the feature is enabled in the participant settings. However, export is limited to PDF or PNG format only.

💡 Please note: Participants with a Klaxoon Free account do not have access to Board data download and therefore cannot download Zones content either.

2 - Hide zone content

On a Board, it is now possible to hide a zone from all users.

So, when you share your Board or make a video call, the other participants won't have access to the information you want to hide, and won't be able to reveal it, so you keep the surprise but also more confidentiality.

This enhancement reduces the number of Boards to be created for a presentation or customer meeting.

Only presenters have control over this feature.

💡 Please note: when a zone is hidden, it is hidden for the host as well as for the participants.

3 - Print zone content

Once you've created your Board and defined your Zones, you can export them for printing. Simply select your zone, click on the "Export zone" arrow and choose the format in which you wish to export it, so that you can print it.

These features have been available to all Klaxoon users since 11/07/2023.

If you'd like to find out more about Zones in Board, check out the 2 previous release notes: Organize your content and navigate your Board more easily with Zones and Improved efficiency on Board Zones

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