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December 2023
12/07/2023: A new way to share your activities
12/07/2023: A new way to share your activities
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💡 Updated on 02/23/2024
You asked for it, here it is! A new activity-sharing modality has been introduced, simplifying the sharing in pseudonym mode.
From now on, from the very first sharing screen, you'll be able to choose between private and public sharing. If you opt for pseudonymous connection, an information bubble will tell you which sharing mode to pick to ensure that the settings work properly.

The Klaxoon activity-sharing interface has been enhanced to provide increased control, greater flexibility, and expanded choice.

Have you ever wanted to share an activity hosted in a Network to someone who isn't a member? Or wanted to limit access to a confidential activity to members of your team? The new activity sharing mode makes it possible!

You have greater control: you may select who is allowed to join your activity. Access is now "private" by default! Furthermore, you have the option to "open to your team" or "open to all users with the link".

Enjoy enhanced flexibility in your work. No more limitations: now, you can share an activity within a Network or via an access code, whenever you need!

Find out more about the new way of sharing an activity: from its creation to the first interactions with your participants.

1) create and set up your activity

Create your activity as usual, on the homepage or from a template.

Once you're ready, click on the new "Share" button.

💡 Particularities for Board and Session at this stage:
Before sharing your activity, you have access directly to an /animate/ URL. No need to go through the /edit/ URL anymore! You can communicate the /participate/ URL or the activity access code to your participants even before they click on "share". They'll be able to access the activity directly, by making an access request (access to the activity is private by default).

This brings you to the new window settings ! Select and define:

  • Your activity title

  • A description of its content

  • If you prefer to share in pseudo mode

  • The image to be used as a thumbnail for the activity

Click on "Save" to proceed to the next step.

2) inviting participants

The next steps is to invite your participants, or share your activity in a Network... and even perform both actions in succession! Indeed, it is now possible to share the Board with all members of a Network, and to invite other users per access code.

In each case, a confirmation window will pop to validate the invitation. When you share a Board or Session, you may also choose directly between inviting as a participant or as a host.

Once the activity has been shared, the host or co-host can change these settings by clicking on "share". You can also "remove" the activity from the Network at any time.

3) defining the level of access to the activity

Enhance your data security with a "private" access: only users invited and/or members of the Network will be able to access the activity. This is the default option: the one that will be used if you don't change the settings.

If you send out an invitation by username or e-mail, you will receive a notification and an e-mail requesting access.

"Open for team" mode enables you to share the activity with your team console users only. This allows quick access, while ensuring that your data does not circulate outside the organization.

💡 Please note: do not forget to name your console after your team. This is the name that will appear after "Open for"!
To do so, go to the organization tab of "Manage my team", as illustrated in the screenshot below.

The "Open to users with the link" option gives you a more flexible sharing mode. Simply communicate the access code or share the URL to the Klaxoon users you wish to invite, and they'll be able to join the activity.

4) interact with your participants

The "List of participants" modal has also evolved. You may now manage participants and find information on the engagement rate of your participants.

  • Manage participants: view their status and switch them to host if required.

  • Manage requests: accept or reject one or more access requests.

  • Access statistics: measure the level of participation for example, the number of ideas shared on a Board, progress on a Memo, results on a Quiz...

This feature has been available to all users since December 7th, 2023.

Do you have a question? Don't hesitate to contact our support team via chat.

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