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April 2024
04/12/2024: Open, preview & edit URLs directly in Board
04/12/2024: Open, preview & edit URLs directly in Board
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A new display for your documents is available in Board! From now on, when you open a URL, a pop-up in the Board will open, allowing you to read the document without having to switch tabs.

With this new feature in Board, you'll be more efficient than ever! No need to switch between pages, all your resources will be consolidated in one place. You can directly access your content within Board and even make edits to some documents : Google documents (Google Slides, Google doc, Google Sheets...), Confluence by Atlassian pages, internal tools...

Administrators can decide which links can be opened directly in Klaxoon, and add new ones from the admin console (Manage my team tab): find out more.

How it works?

1. Add a link

To add a URL to your Board, click on the "Add" button, then in the "Insert" section, choose the "Link" picto.

You can also directly copy and paste the link into your Board. To open the document, choose your document and click the button to open the window.

💡 Please note: in the case of Confluence only, the URL to copy/paste is the page URL, not the share URL.

2. Edit your document

You can now view and edit your Google document, your Confluence page and even any document from your internal company tool. When you edit your online documents in your Board tab, your changes will be saved automatically. You can also copy/paste data from one window to another more quickly. Your navigation is smoother and you're more efficient!

The window can be moved and resized to suit your needs! You can also open it full-screen, or in another tab if you prefer. Note that only one window can be open at a time in Board.

This functionality also applies when presenting your Board to participants using the "follow me" feature. When you open a document, it will automatically open for your participants as well.

This feature has been available to all Klaxoon users since 12/04/2024.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to consult the Help Center or contact the Support team via Chat.

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