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April 2024
04/15/2024: Import your Jamboards content into Klaxoon
04/15/2024: Import your Jamboards content into Klaxoon
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Jamboard will no longer be available after December 31, 2024. That's why we've set up a new feature to enable the import of your Jams into Klaxoon and continue using your content.

Thanks to our all-in-one collaborative platform, you can continue to leverage the content of your Jams, enriched with a host of new advanced features that will boost your efficiency tenfold, such as Dot voting, Questions or videoconference. You can even open, consult and modify online documents directly in Board! Simplify your tasks, boost your productivity and achieve impressive results.

Klaxoon offers you a high-performance whiteboard, but that's not all! It's a collaborative tool that lets you work with your teams synchronously or asynchronously.

With this new feature, you can easily and quickly import all your Jams into Klaxoon, ensuring continuity in your work with complete peace of mind. You can migrate your items one by one or in bulk. Please note that successful migration requires a Google account, and that your Jamboards must be created and shared in edit mode. To find out more about transferring from Jamboard to Klaxoon, take a look at this article: How do I import a Jamboard? We invite you to explore all the features that Jamboard and Klaxoon have in common.

💡 Please note : People with a FREE account can import all their Jam, but can only open and work on one Board at a time, and can only place a maximum of 50 ideas on a Board.

This feature is available since April 15, 2024 for all Klaxoon users. If you have any questions, please contact our Support team via chat.

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