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March 2024
03/28/2024: Display of deletion date for deactivated users
03/28/2024: Display of deletion date for deactivated users
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When an account is deactivated in your Console, it is now automatically deleted from the database 12 months after the deactivation date, and the deletion date is displayed.

New features have been added to your Console, allowing you to keep track of the accounts that will be deleted from your team, and their activities.

1. Deactivation mode

From now on, when you deactivate an account, you will see a pop-up explaining several things:

  • The user will no longer be able to connect to their account

  • The account will be archived, but can still be reactivated

  • The account will be deleted after 12 months if it is not reactivated.

2. Deletion date column

In the “Users” tab, then “Deactivated”, you'll now see a new “Deletion date” column, with a pop-up giving you all the important information.

3. Summary e-mail

5 days before deleting one or more accounts, you will receive a summary e-mail with the names of the deleted accounts.

This feature has been available to Klaxoon Administrators since March 28, 2024. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult the Help Center or contact the Support team via Chat.

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